A Shujaa Speaks At The Mashujaa Day And Talks About Mekatilili. This Country Has A History.


Many Kenyans probably don’t know that Mashujaa day used to be Jomo Kenyatta day to mark his release from colonial jail.

How did it become Mashujaa day.

It was after we wrestled Moi to the floor and beat his ass and the fighters for that second revolution said the heroes must include those who have fought to liberate Kenya from the Kenyatta and Moi dictatorships.

Kibaki had no choice but to accept that reality.

That is why now we can talk about Mekatilili wa Menza like Raila did at the Mashujaa day. Just great.

See? Chickens!

So now we have Mashujaa Day and here is a real Shujaa talking at that event this year. Right at Mama Ngina seafront my most favourite place in Mombasa.

Here we go.


By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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