May Be Dedan The Field Marshal Is With Us In Jamhuri. Oh My!


The government has located a burial site where the body of the iconic Mau Mau fighter Dedan Kimathi Wachiuri was buried at.

I saw this story and I will follow it up. There is only one Dedan Kimathi Waciuru. He is beyond a legend in the nation. He is our country.

Statue of Dedan Kimathi Nairobi, Kenya.jpg

My son was watching some show on Kenya the other day and he told me to come and see Dedan Kimathi alive at his trial. His eyes were moving with that absolute dignified confidence he had, lying down with no shirt and in cuffs so I figured he was a live and he was saying some things.

But Kimathi’s speech at his trial was captured best my Shiraz Durani one of the finest Kenyan librarians and writers.

But I will start here for now. I will get that other piece later.




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7 comments on “May Be Dedan The Field Marshal Is With Us In Jamhuri. Oh My!

  1. DC Admin

    Thanks for the feed back on this issue from DC friends and writers on the blog.

    I like the petition to push the Kimathi issue to a national discussion for action. I signed to support it.

    I think we should extend this discussion.

    It is a shame we do not have a Mau Mau Memorial in our country with all the other aspects of our struggle for national independence in our republic.

    It is like we don’t care for our history as a people.

    If you don’t care for your history you just don’t care for yourself.

    Look at what African Americans did to address the ugliness and even victory against slavery.

    One of the most beautiful and great things I have seen.

    One day I have to go here.

    But what I really want is for us to honour our country.


    • Thanks Ndugu Christopher Kihonge.

      The thing that surprised me the most of all is that the government issued a rush statement from nowhere denouncing everything as false.

      How about the government follows up the situation gets to the bottom of it and tells us OK, nation, we have Dedan Kimathi or say the information was false after their investigations.

      But how do you just dismiss it of hand without any regard at all to the warrior who helped us build this country even after his death.

      As history will tell you, a dead Kimathi was a million times worth more to our hopes to kick out the colonialists and build a nation than all the politicians involved in the independence struggle put together.

      I am a Kamiti product and I know how they hang people there. The last one done there was in 1987 and I was a prisoner there at the time.

      It is scary as hell. The British colonialists invented the monster hanging centre at Kamiti maximum prison. The killing machine which is about being hanged by the neck until you are dead most times doesn’t work.

      May be design or malfunction. Either way it was terrible when I was there at Kamiti in 1987 in the last known execution in the country.

      So the victims have to be killed by huge rungus by hand with prison guards just smothering them to death. It is awful. I would prefer just a couple of bullets in the head. I would be gone fast.

      The burial grounds are in the farms of Kamiti which are huge. If our government was serious they would deal with the British and comb that place too. Kenya government runs Kamiti prison. They can do anything they want there.

      The point was to demonize Kimathi even in his death and bury his vision, courage and love for country forever.

      They (wabeberu) feared Kimathi’s life and legacy could influence a new generation of freedom fighters against them. They didn’t want any new Kimathi showing up anywhere.

      Unfortunately for Jamhuri that is the same view of post independent Kenya political power. They fear Dedan Kimathi in death more than they fear their live political opponents.

      That is what really ticks me off.

      But Dedan is out there. Kenyans are going to find him. His heart is always with the nation. We know that and we love him. That will never change.

      adongo ogony


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