There is disaster and then there is Bonny Khalwale. Sad. Just Sad.

Oh dear.




Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale captured with stones


For the love of god this guy is a medical doctor or so we are told. Why not just go and practice medicine. Kenyans need and use their doctors. You will get paid for doing things that Kenyans need.

Why reduce yourself to this mutu wa mkono for Ruto who really doesn’t give a shit about you. This is beyond shameful. But more is coming in 2022 for more people. Get ready. Now.

The funny part of all these Kibra lose for the D.P is that Ruto is asking for an apology from ODM. That guy running around with stones is his chief agent in the election he should be arrested and Ruto is the one who should apologize. Ruto doesn’t only need to apologize to Kenyans, he should apologize to Khalwale for making him look like a complete fool.

Above all else Ruto needs to apologize to Mariga who seems to be a pretty decent guy and a clueless politician but he is nice. Mariga did not need to be dragged into this nonsense by Ruto who had his own agenda and didn’t even know who Mariga is. I am sure Nariga realized that he was duped into this a long time before the election.

Boni Khalwale becomes butt of the joke after stones stunt in Kibra -PHOTOS + VIDEO

May be we can have a party for Bonny:

Here we go.

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3 comments on “There is disaster and then there is Bonny Khalwale. Sad. Just Sad.

  1. Poor Kenyans and the politics of stomach! A whole vice president of Kenya here winnig voters by giving them a hand-out of a plate of food!How low have Kenyan voters sunk!! This is cheap of a whole vice president of the republic of Kenya!☹️😖

    And Boni Khalwale, the once great politician from western Kenya is now applauding this behaviour!


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