What happened to Women Representatives in Kenya?


I must confess rather loudly that I was one of those who were very committed to fighting for better representation of Kenyan women in our political institutions and public service. It was a matter of common sense and social justice and nothing to quibble about.

It was a tough mission particularly at the Bomas Conference which I attended in Nairobi in 2003.

Kibaki had come to power with Narc in 2002 and in their campaign leading to the elections where Kibaki and Raila crushed Uhuru and Ruto who were Moi’s projects at the time by promising a new constitution under the BOMAS format which which been developed by many sections of the Kenyan society.

After Kibaki gets to office he turns his back on the constitutional project because he wanted the powers of a presidential monarchy and issues like women representation were not even worth talking about according to them.

To cut a very long story short, we eventually got our new constitution in 2010 after a national referendum.

In that new constitution was enshrined the constitutional requirement to have 30% women representation in the the county, in the National Assembly and even in public service.

Most of us were thrilled that we finally achieved something for one half of a very hard working Kenya’s population which has been ignored and marginalized for all our lives as Kenyans.

Nine years later looking at the complete chaos that has been generated by that achievement one has to shake their heads and think about what went so wrong.

The real horror of horrors here is that it became the responsibility of political parties led by very chauvinistic men to nominate the women reps to these institutions. The men nominated copycats of themselves and they have become a mess in our country and politics just like the men politics and politicians who nominated them.

Yes we have many Kenyan women politicians now and they are very busy doing nonsensical things like dancing for the men political leaders.

Never once have I heard of any achievement our women politicians have done for Kenyan women, girls and the general public. Give one thing they have done and I will shut up immediately.

Were women reps nominated and elected to be public dancers? No. If that is what Kenyans need they know where to get it. And they often go there which is there personal business. Same with Kenyan women. If they need dancers you can get them anytime.

But this dancing politics have to stop. The men politicians were already horrible at it. Squatting down with their bellies dropping on the floor. Enough already.

Our honourable women leaders were nominated and/or elected to help build the country, not to dance for Ruto and/or Raila. That is what we see in the news.

Did the country achieve anything really with this? What went so wrong?


By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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