Pokot Tragedy Is A Trophy For Ruto

First it was Murkomen carrying their other trophy Mariga with him to Pokot for photo ops. I was like really? These are the kind of leaders Kenyans have today.


Then I said it is the idiot Murkomen. This is normal for him.

Then here comes Ruto with the same Murkomen to boast that they have made it to Pokot to view dead bodies in Pokot when Matiangi could not make it.

I am stunned that Ruto and co did not take pictures with the dead bodies to add to their trophy collection.

I am completely frightened by this crop of leadership which is angling to take full control of our country in three years. This is a form of sadism which should never ever come close to national leadership.

You go to pokot with nothing but your choppers to try to win national sympathy for the tragedy. Even shame would look good on you Mr. Ruto. You are worse than that.

This is like entertainment show for these guys. It will not last long. Of that I am sure. You can’t be this gross and win the heart of a country. Any country.

For people like Murkomen it is like go back home from Pokot change your clothes and come back for another show with your king Ruto and a new helicopter.

Enough already.

Deputy President William Ruto arrives in West Pokot on Monday, November 25 to condole with landslide victims.


And here is pastor Ngang’a in action. If this is your next president. Be afraid, Be very afraid.


By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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