The Raila V Ruto slug fest will blow up in smoke.

The nonsense continues.

BITTER ANTAGONISTS: Deputy President William Ruto and Former Prime Minister and NASA leader Raila Odinga are at loggerheads.

Apparently Ruto is in a fight with Raila.

It is crap. Someone gave Uhuru a terrible advice. They told him if you want to make Ruto Crazy then start talking and being friendly to Raila. Ruto took the bait. It is working marvelously.

I have doubts if Raila will run for the presidency in 2022. But Ruto is busy campaigning against him which could end up as a big waste of time. We will see.

But here is the big issue for me.

Ruto’s big argument against Raila is that Raila has been in politics forever and should retire.

The truth is that Ruto has been in politics longer than Raila. In fact me and Ruto graduated from Nairobi University at the same time. In the mid 1980’s.

From college I went to work as a lecturer at Mombasa Polytechnic, now the University of Mombasa.

Ruto left college and went straight to politics.

Ruto with Jirongo formed the Kanu youth wing (YK 92) to protect Moi and they started right off engaging in murder of political rivals of Moi, brutal beatings like we saw against Rev. Njoya, theft of public funds was their biggest achievement. They even created the 500 shilling bill and had their hands all over the Treasury stealing everything with Moi’s help.

So this Thief in Chief now wants to be our Commander in Chief. What are his credentials other than being a thief all his life? .

Yes Raila has been in politics for a long time. 9 of those years he was in detention while Ruto was stealing our money and murdering people. And then Raila went to exile coming to Toronto where I met him at Pearson International Airport and we went to a nice Eritrean Restaurant for some real good food.

As a matter of fact Ruto has never done anything else other than being in politics, robbing us and killing people. That is his resume and we have seen it live live for decades. It is going to be on the table come 2022.

We know about the Kiambaa church massacre in 2007 where we saw kids being thrown back into a burning church when they tried to escape.

Ruto says he was born poor and went to school with no shoes. I had the same issues. And today I just called my little nephew an incredible soccer player. He is at Migwena Sports Ground in Bondo for an end of year football tournament.

He has torn shoes, torn socks and torn pants and all. I told him, kid this is good for you. If you can do something with everything torn, you are going somewhere. You have to pull it off. And he said he is going to do it

I promised to buy him the entire set of soccer gear before he goes back to school. He is a star soccer player at his school.

But here is the deal for me. When Ruto he was a poor guy born in a poor family that is OK. Many of us can relate with that.

Then Ruto says now he is big and rich the question is how did you get there. Killing and stealing. That is the truth, simple and clear. Ruto is basically telling Kenyans that he has been a very successful thief and murderer his entire adult life and for that Kenyans should reward him with the presidency. Get out of here dude.

And this guy is supposed to be Ruto’s deputy in 2022.

He might be luckier choosing Sonko as his running mate.

But here is Ruto’s guy. Clueless and just straight dumb.

Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri addresses mourners during the burial of Batista Maina at Ntuugi, Meru county, on Monday. The late Batista maina’s burial at Ntuugi, Meru County. Photo/Courtesy Kiunjuri addressing mourners–kiunjuri/

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