Ruto and Echesa: What is going on?

Just when you thought things could cool down for Ruto (Mr. Development) it gets worse.

Deputy President William Ruto's office
Ex-Sports CS Rashid Echesa welcomes DP William Ruto at the funeral service for Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali's son on Friday.

Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa at JKIA court on Friday, February 14, 2020.

Ruto should stick to inspecting non existing development and talk his shit there and keep donating money to churches claiming he is buying his place in heaven while buying acres of land in hell with his actions of theft and violence against Kenyans. That is enough work.

It is not just that this Shs. 40 billion scam was being coordinated from Ruto’s office, it is the fact that Ruto keeps yapping about it and blaming his imaginary enemies. Ruto’s biggest enemy here is himself. Why are you having these crazy acts going on in your office?

If you are innocent then shut up and let the investigation go where the evidence leads them. Now trying to blame the DoD. Are you nuts. Yes they are corrupt but they don’t do deals in the DP’s office. They have their own headquarters of corruption.

Here is what I am talking about.

And here is Ngilu on this matter.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu at a past function in Kitui Central constituency.

And you know what is so funny about this new round of scandal for the DP. In the past Ruto would resort to his childish attacks by going to inspect a swimming pool in Nairobi for kids that was built four years ago and not even by Jubilee.

Now those pools have dried out. Ruto has nothing to inspect anymore. So now he has to go to twitter to spew his nonsense. Even twitter will dry out for for this guy very soon. He is going to be in hard ground. Good luck pal.

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5 comments on “Ruto and Echesa: What is going on?

  1. And with friends and strategists like Kipchumba Murkomen you don’t need enemies. This fool has his mouth wide open 24/7 spewing thorough nonsense all the time.

    It is dangerous to have your mouth wide open and your eyes and mind closed at the same time. Very dangerous.

    Ruto’s biggest problem other than himself are the kind of people flocking around him. They are just horrible. Simple as that.

    Here we go.


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