Gangsters V Hustlers.

Raila made Ruro mad again. What else is new. But Raila was talking about Nginyo Kariuki as a real hustler who made his money through hard work as opposed opposed to gangsters who have robbed the country their entire lives to be super rich and now call themselves hustlers.

ODM leader Raila Odinga with the late businessman and TNA founder Lawrence Nginyo Kariuki.

As expected, our perpetually angry thief (hustler) was pissed. Ruto claims Raila is insulting hustlers like boda boda riders etc.

Deputy President William Ruto. /FILE

Now here is the deal.

Ruto should launch a national hustler plan for Kenya youth. Get the millions of Kenyan youth struggling to survive for an organization like Ruto did.

Tell the millions of young Kenyans to form Youth Kenya (YK) 22 like Ruto did with YK 92.

Then let them do what Ruto did. Rob the country blind as a youth group supporting the president. Let the youth print fake Kenyan currency like Ruto and Jirongo did.

Let the kids murder and torture people like Ruto and Jirongo group did. And let them rob the country for the next forty years like Ruto has done since he left college and have never worked for a day in his life.

Since Ruto will be the president he can help our youth achieve this easily the way Moi helped him. Wouldn’t that be grand. May be Ruto doesn’t know this already but his record of theft and gangster activities is going to be on the ballot box.

YK 92 was the first genuine terrorist and gangster political organization in our country ever. We are going to have that discussion.

The Kenyan youth hustling as boda boda riders are not in the terrorist industry as Ruto was right after college and since. If Ruto wants to do that he is welcome and he can campaign on that as his agenda as a super hustler.

Kenyans know Ruto and they are going to vote on that basis. It is not a miracle.

The funny part is that as Ruto keeps investing in heaven with his stolen money he is buying acres of real estate in hell by his actions.

I am going to have a chat with him when we meet there. I hope Raila doesn’t join us there because that will drive Ruto completely crazy. I will advise for a handshake. Wish me luck.

By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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