The Captain is in the house. Oh Dear.

Kenyan football Captain Victor Wanyama joined the Montreal soccer team here in Canada.

I live in Toronto and love Toronto FC which won an MLS championship two years ago.

I really love the Toronto team and my son and his buddies and relatives we go to watch the games.

And Toronto is a city of champions in sports. The Toronto raptors won the NBA championship last year 2019 under the leadership of the beloved Masai Ujuri and a first year coach Nick Nurse. Just amazing stuff.

I am not kidding. Here it is.

But today is about Victor who has gone to Montreal to play football. Great.

Montreal is one of my favourite cities in Canada.

I am going to go watch the captain play. Coming soon.

I go to Montreal every year for the Jazz Festival in summer. The best in North America.

Now I am going to see our captain and my son loves him. It is going to be fun. That I can promise. No doubt.

I hope we brought the captain to Toronto but we cant. He is a designated player in MLS. MLS teams can only have one or two of those because you have to pay them very high.

Toronto already have those kinds of players and they can’t sign anymore.

But we are going to be with the Captain. Bring it on cap. We are with you here in Canada.

Don’t forget World Cup 2022. Take the nation there. Will you. Please!

Welcome Home.

And of course it was the indomitable Thierry Henry, one of the best footballers ever who brought Wanyama to Montreal Impact where Thierry is now a coach.

By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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