D.P Ruto ranted this was a desperate propaganda by his enemies. Now we have a “cold blooded murder” in our hands. What gives?

DCI George Kinoti explaining how Kenei’s murder was carried out at DCI headquarters on March 5 2020/ MERCY MUMO


This case of criminals and people DP Ruto now calls crooks is taking very disturbing turns.

As of now the Kenyan Criminal Investigative authority is saying the police officer who welcomed Echesa and his criminal gang to Harambee House Annex, which is the office of Kenya’s Deputy President through the back door was murdered a few days later before he could go and give a statement at DCI offices.

The more frightening thing is that this young police officer who was on guard at the DP’s office when the thieves arrived was on security CCTV video at the DP’s office when he met the con men and made a phone call before ushering these criminals into the DP’s office. Who the heck was he calling.

Even worse when the DCI came to the DP’s office to get the CCTV videos to find out what happened they were given a fake video which had been edited.

What was the purpose of the editing. From the evidence presented by DCI the purpose of this editing was to erase any images of the officer, Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei doing anything with these crooks who were allowed into the DP’s office.

The first question is why would anybody want to tamper with a government security CCTV record and evidence which had captured criminal activities at the DP’s office? That in itself is a criminal offence.

You cannot tamper with records and evidence of criminal activities. That CCTV information belongs to the DCI who would investigate anything and everything including if anybody entered the D.P’s office in order to harm the D.P.

In fact the D.P should be the first to ask the DCI to sort this out and find out who are these people engaging in criminal activities at his office

Why erase the police officer from the video and then hand over the fake video to the DCI. What are you trying to cover up?

Then things get really stormy. Those who erased Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei from the CCTV video were not done yet.

Their next mission was to erase Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei from the surface of the earth altogether.

This according to the DCI was done by carrying out the “cold blooded murder” of the police officer in one of the cruelest murder operations that reminds you of Mafia killings. It was done in strict and minute details. Chilling.

His body with a bullet having gone from his chin through his dead was found in his room and the gun found on his chest and of course there were alleged suicide notes.

In the erasing department the killers did not forget to go through his cell phone and erase all sorts of date including his social media postings.

Money was sent to his father and now widowed wife from his phone which was intended to cement the hope of the killers that this would indicate that the officer decided to do something for his family before killing himself.

From all these it is obvious that Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei had some information that some very important people decided cannot be allowed to reach the DCI. He had to go.

And now it looks like they pulled it off but with forensic technology out there somebody’s ass may end up on fire.

The DCI managed to reconstruct the false CCTV video they got from Ruto and now they have the real thing.

The DCI has the officer’s phone. With current forensic technology and working with the phone companies DCI may very well reconstruct the deleted phone data.

For sure they are going to get the phone numbers Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei called and much more.

This could just be the beginning.

The one thing everybody has to remember is that when DCI gives this kind of information to the public, they know a whole lot more than they are telling you.

And here is D.P Ruto now saying “crooks entering his office was a breach of security”

We all thought this was desperate propaganda. No? We will find out.

This is Ruto now:

Deputy President William Ruto during a church empowerment programme at Tunyai Parish Catholic Church, Chiakariga Tharaka-Nithi County on February 22, 2020.


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