Many of these idiots do not know that close to 75% of them will not keep their seats if elections were held today or any other day. Please don't tell them.

A few things are obvious here.

The Ruto mob of M.Ps and Senators have bought into the DP Ruto pathetic attack on his boss President Uhuru when Ruto went to burial of the young officer Kenei whom DP ruto himself is suspected of having killed in cold blood.

Ruto allegations while staring at the body of Kenei was that it was his political enemies (the system that killed Kenei) to stop him (Ruto) from taking the presidency in 2022. Everybody knows who the system is because Kenyans are not stupid.

Kenei’s investigations are ongoing and there are nine suspects in the case of his killing so we will find out.

The second issue is that there are many of these Ruto groupies who think that president Uhuru is a lame duck president because he has three years left in his 10 year term.

I keep telling these people that in Kenya and in Africa in general even three days as president of the country is a lifetime. Three years is forever. So you attack and insult the president and those he has appointed in institutions like DCI at your own risk.

The Ruto mob is in a state of paranoia. They think Uhuru has allowed Raila to virtually take over the executive. How the hell do they think Raila will force elections. That is just stupid.

The next shocker for these noisy mob is that expect DP Ruto to run against Raila for the presidency. Ruto is furiously campaigning against Raila as his primary opponent in the presidential elections.

What happens when the elections come and Ruto and his mob find out that the person running against Ruto is not Raila. What the heck are they going to do.

Even worse what happens if the Ruto mob find that Ruto is actually not in the ballot when it finally comes?

Will they put Moses Kuria or Murkoman on the ballot for the presidency. I am sure any of these gentlemen will win a landslide victory over anyone for the presidency.

These fellas have no clue about anything. May be they will find out in good time. No problem with that.

Our M.Ps, do one thing only. They make sure their mouths are open 24/7. They are going to need that after the next elections. They will need to beg for a living from non-existent bosses. Good luck with that.

By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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