The Perpetual COVID In Nyando

Humanity has had over 100 years since the last global catastrophe of COVID-19’s frightening proportions.

Last one was in 1918. And then the Black Plague before that in 1356 AD. Both took out millions of humanity in their wake.

In Nyando and Ahero the floods sweep people and their property to the lake every year. It is shameful negligence and terrible lost of chance to harvest a very needed resource.Water.

The annual damage in Nyando and Ahero region must be stopped.

It goes on every year and nobody cares until it happens the next and then they go on petty fights about who goes to tour the tragedy zones. Who cares.

Shelter the communities, harvest the water and industrialize its use for energy production, irrigation and human use.

What we see below has happened for generations. You can’t get anywhere with this.

Nyando flooding

And here are the politicians doing what they do best. Tour. And do nothing.

And then the heartland. The rice fields of the region are in trouble.

This is going to be a hard one to pull out of.

It is amazing that this is an Irrigation Farm in Ahero and has been from the 1970’s.

So we have a national farm structure that needs irrigation water to grow rice which they do. And then farms explode with river water and wipe out everything.

Why can’t we use the water for the irrigation.

But for now what we got is bad news.

But it is here:

Excavation to open up waterways takes place at
By adongoogony Posted in kenya

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