Ruto’s Nightmare: Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot hold.

When I see these Ruto hooligans I think if Ruto had his way he would stitch the masks solidly in their mouths with leather because the ugliest thing these people have is their mouths and as soon as they lower the masks and open those ugly things bad stuff oozes out. It is frightening mostly to DP Ruto.

Now these idiots are saying they know who killed Msando, and they have known these for years as the country was pretending to look for Msando’s vicious killers.

That my friends is ground for being arrested immediately so you can provide that information to law enforcement officers.

Uhuru has no more excuse to not immediately arrest the Msando killers unless he did it himself. And where does that leave Ruto if they did it jointly.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and his Bahati counterpart Kimani Ngunjiri speak to the press in Eldoret Town on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Keep the masks down boys. You are talking a lot of sense and thank you very much.

Here is the story.

The one thing that comes to mind when you see these Ruto lunatics with their mouths open is trying to think of what our country would be with these people as our rulers with Ruto as their boss. That would be COVID-20 way worse than COVID-19. Imagine that.

A couple of weeks ago before they reached this new milestone, the same Ruto mob were telling Kenyans that if Uhuru does not hand over power to Ruto they will make sure they send Uhuru to the ICC, the Hague to be charged with crimes against humanity.

The strangest thing in their plan was that as soon as they don’t get power from Uhuru they are going to commit mass murder of Kenyans and they will hold Uhuru responsible for that and take him to the Hague.

These fools cannot comprehend that the reason Uhuru will not hand over power to Ruto is because of the mass murder of Kikuyus in Rift Valley in 2007/8.

The Kiambaa massacre of which Ruto is a principal culprit is as alive to the Kikuyu community as it was in December 2007. It will never go away.

And now Ruto and his friends threatening to do the same or worse if they don’t get power from Uhuru is pretty much the last coffin in Ruto’s miserable and definite political coffin.

It could be worse and nobody is going to shed a tear except for Ruto pensioners who will have to find another way to make a living either way.

Ruto is telling Kikuyus I will murder you if you don’t give me power. The question the Kikuyus are asking themselves is what will you do if we give you power and you are in a stronger position to murder us.

These are Ruto allies promising mass murder of Kikuyus if power is not handed over to Ruto in 2022 and then somehow Uhuru will be charged for that.

Calling these people stupid is a insult to the word.

Here we go:

And this Tuju guy,

How did he survive it?

I always think about the circumstances of history. In our country those things can be immediate and now.

Jamhuri is fine.

Even COVID-19 can’t take us out unless we are stupid.

We are not.

Wash your hands for god’s sake with soap.

Of course you need water and soap.

And food.

So there are bigger issues.

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8 comments on “Ruto’s Nightmare: Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot hold.

  1. Mzee,

    Things are getting very complicated. I will give my two cents later.

    But this here says a lot. Ruto has surrendered but the “wishful hope” among some of his supporters is that after the DP coils his tail between his legs Uhuru can rehabilitate him. This conflict is way deeper than that.

    But this was Uhuru’s straight instructions to Ruto and his confused M.Ps and senators and soon to be his pensioners.

    And then Uhuru goes nuclear on Ruto. This is going to be a whole new page in Kenyan politics.

    Uhuru has changed the “Presidency” to the “Executive Office of The President”.

    Where the heck does that leave the DP who always thought he was part of the “Presidency”?

    Go to court? I don’t know.

    One interesting argument is that Uhuru is basically cutting Ruto off from the notion that the president shares the “presidency” with the DP.

    Uhuru by this Executive order is declaring that he as the president runs the show and his immediate assistant is Joseph Kinyua who is literally the Chief of staff at State House, being the Head of the Civil Service.

    If he as the president wants to delegate something to the DP he will let him know.

    The other argument from Ruto hopefuls is that Uhuru is not doing anything new because the “presidency is a constitutional heresay”. That is the argument from Ahmednassir Abdullahi.

    Now here is the question for him. If Uhuru is the one in charge and the rest is just constitutional gossip then why does Uhuru need to issue an Executive Order no less to confirm an existing fact.

    May be somebody just didn’t get it before. Not anymore.

    Uhuru does not have to issue an Executive Order to tell us there are 47 counties in Kenya. We know that already.

    The next thing I am going to do is to touch base with folks on the ground. We have so many moving objects and that is always dangerous in politics.

    That is what is killing Ruto because him and his foot soldiers were busy firing on the alleged enemy, Raila Odinga and that has been the largest moving object in this political chess in Kenya.

    When you use all your ammunition firing at a moving object, you are going to waste a lot of ammo. It is like shoot and then aim. That never works particularly in politics. You need to aim first before you shoot not after firing all your bullets and you are now a sitting duck. Too bad.


  2. Things are getting thicker and murkier for William Ruto.
    The party has decided to split his position into three. Effectively giving the party leader (UK) three deputies. Reminds me of how KANU split Jaramogi`s VP post into 8, rendering him powerless. Ruto has been castrated in the party, politically speaking. If one adds to the removal of his men and women from the senate committee, then the only honourable thing to do is to quit. But will he? Does he have the guts? I don’t think so. Ruto is a typical conviving Kenya politician who will exhaust all avenues in the party before going away. infact he will wait till mid-2022 to hop off. Uhuru is fed up with this guy.


  3. Bwana Adongo,
    These are serious times and things are moving on really fast.
    Let us hope that COVID 19 thing disappear asap so as to allow the political fights to continue within the Jubilee party.

    My take is that Ruto is done unless something really drastic happens between now and 2022. According to your mate David Murathe, Ruto had been blackmailing the president from the word go. It is said that even before 2013 during their negotiations to work together, Ruto had given Uhuru camp such a hard time that things almost fell apart. It is during that time that Uhuru announced that he was not going to vie and instead support Mudavadi. The reason for this was that Ruto was becoming too difficult and wanted to have almost all powerful and lucrative positions in the government. Positions that could be used to stealing money.

    That these guys have fallen apart is not even surprising. I know that Uhuru is not an innocent bystander in the looting of Kenya in their first term. But the rate at which Ruto was looting shocked even Uhuru. He left nothing to secure Uhurus legacy. For him, winning the 2022 elections was everything. And like Moi before him, Ruto believes that Money can buy him love and votes. So he has gone around pouring money like the world was coming to an end. I am told that the Key MPs who are fronting him in central Kenya have been given a massive amount of money including contracts/tenders in the tune of billions. As you can see, they won’t see anything good in Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The current purge in the senate is not surprising. That the guys who have been axed complaining is the surprise. I remember vividly, Uhuru announcing from statehouse who would be the speaker, majority leader, whip etc even before they were elected. No procedure were followed then. Now the axed wants the law/rules to be abided by. The “wheelbarrow” speaker Ken Lusaka would not have done anything else but do what he was told. Or else his 1 million wheelbarrow case would be revived asap.

    It will be almost impossible for Ruto to recover from the beating.

    Yes, he might want to threaten Kikuyus with death but I still don’t believe that people will vote for him out of fear.


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