Goog People:

At 9.00 or may 9.15 pm Kenya time tonight Thursday Jan 31, 2013 there is a discussion on the explosive land issue and it is a good panel.

There will be Mr. Lumumba Odenda ( Prominent land rights activist in Kenya going 30 yrs)

Next is Moses Kuria representing the Juibilee side

Finally Oduor Ong’wen will represent the CORD side.

The interview is on NTV but if I got it worng check KTN just to be sure.

We should get the full stuff after the whole thing goes down. Can’t wait.


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  1. Dear all,

    On behalf of InformAction and AfriCOG, I am pleased to invite you to the launch of a website called, “The People’s Court” tomorrow Friday April 12, at 10:00am at The Sarova Stanley Hotel.

    I am sorry for the incredibly short notice in getting this to you, but I hope that some of you will attend or send representatives to the event as a sign of your support for openness, accountability, and the freedom of expression and information.

    The website is a joint project between AfriCOG and InformAction and is an attempt to present in public all the evidence around the recent elections. Some of that is from the cases filed at the Supreme Court, but it will also include material and information from citizens, observers and others. Citizens will be provided a location to post /Number to send text messages in order to submit any information and evidence they gathered so that the complete truth on the recent elections can emerge.

    Importantly, The People’s Court will be an accountability mechanism on the IEBC and the Supreme Court. Analysis of the Court’s decision will be posted on the website hoping to engender critical and constructive discussions on why they took the decision that they did, in the face of the evidence that will be presented.

    The People’s Court gives the public unique access to all the evidence filed at the Supreme Court in the Civil Society petition challenging the election process.

    By inviting citizen participation, we aim to make institutions accountable and uphold the high democratic standards of the constitution. We also hope that the website will be used as a forum for debate and opinion, celebrating freedom of expression in Kenya and our vibrant tradition of democracy activism.

    Kindly share this with other colleagues who may be interested.

    Kind regards,

    Maina Kiai

    KPTJ Secretariat

    Africa Centre for Open Governance

    Kabarsiran Avenue, off James Gichuru Road, Lavington

    P.O.Box 18157 – 00100 Nairobi

    Tel. 0705 142 118/ 0728 787 929

    Visit our webpage:

    • Africog launches website on electoral malpractices

      Africog’s Execurive Director Ms Gladwell Otieno addressing the press on April 12, 2013 at the launch of the firm’s website that will be used to upload evidence on electoral malpractices. Photo/DENISH OCHIENG NATION MEDIA GROUP

      A website with evidence detailing electoral malpractices of the March 4 General Election which the Supreme Court ruled against during the petitions has been launched.

      Ms Gladwell Otieno and Zahid Rajad from Africa Centre for Open Governance (Africog) have partnered with Inform Action Director Mr Maina Kiai to launch the ‘People’s Court’ ( where evidence on electoral malpractices will be uploaded.

      The public would also have a forum to post their experiences during the elections.

      The public would also be allowed to criticise and recommend new ways of conducting a free and fair election which the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) can adopt.

      “This is not about individuals but the elections process. The website will open a public debate with the aim of strengthening our democracy,” said Africog’s Executive Director, Ms Otieno.

      The website has been launched ahead of a detailed finding to be released by the Supreme Court on its ruling during that upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya’s fourth president.

      The Supreme Court ruled that the election was free, fair and transparent.

      The court dismissed petitions by Africog and Cord’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga challenging the validity of the elections and the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta.

      Africog said it would upload a 900 page document detailing evidence on alleged electoral malpractices it managed to gather in its monitoring of the electoral process for the people to decide.

      “Supreme Courts could be wrong and they have been wrong in the other jurisdictions such as in the US. That is why we want an open debate on this issue to allow the public to decide for themselves what took place,” said Mr Kiai.

      Ms Otieno said the intention of kick-starting the debate was not to change the decision by the Supreme Court but to initiate debate among Kenyans about their institutions.

      • 🙂

        i only greet CORDial people

        and maybe those who after eating a sumptious plate of ngege can say

        Tunawe S’maki (i hear thats a party slogan na’days)

      • hehehe and am waiting to see how gava invites people to the end year bash they normally have

        ….. you are CORDially invited to ……

        am foreseeing some blokes refusing to attend…

    • As we are talking about all the evidence around the recent elections I wonder if anybody has attempted to download the Forms 34 from the IEBC for scrutiny.

      I have tried to download these forms but it never worked. I sent a request for assistance to IEBC but they never reacted on my request.
      Please any suggestions?

      • Jan

        you are not alone, those forms 34 were never intended to be available at the time. and to date the links have never worked despite repeated requests to IEBC.

        IEBC deliberately lied misrepresented the true nature of access of information on their websites in a handful of instances, not many, but there were some information that they claimed was accessible when in fact it was not.

        I believe some outfits like MARS group either got soft (or hard) copies directly from IEBC but not from the website.

  2. Admin, has made changes on their registration site. Maybe you wanna revise our registration procedure on the ‘members’ page to reflect those changes?!


  3. Have added a quicklinks sidebar for logged in users/members. This will greatly simplify navigating through the posts and comments and I believe this will provide some temporary relief to some. More changes will be coming in the future

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  5. Mr. Admin,

    How exactly do I post youtube music clips from youtube site to the music section as recommended below? Thanks!

    This is the music and entertainment dedication page. If you post youtube videos, we highly recommend use of playlists which allow for easier navigation by genre or “DJ” and work far much better.

    • Einstein

      Sorry for late response. Actually for just a single clip, just post the link and wordpress will automatically display the youtube clip

      But if say you have more than one clip, the best thing to do is make a youtube playlist. To make a playlist, you need to have a gmail account, but don’t worry about it, what we will do as a courtesy service for our members, is that from time to time we will review all single clips and compile them into a playlist on behalf of members

      So go ahead and post the links as you get them.


      PS – looks like my post crossed with Phil’s. Thanks Phil

      • Thanks folks!

        It is as easy as ABCD!

        But I think you folks should first compile the playlist on behalf of such members like myself!

        Guys, I already have 3 different email accounts from 3 different providers and managing them is already hell for me! So, at this juncture, I’m not really keen on a gmail account which will then be my fourth!

        But if you folks do a good job with the playlists on our behalf, I will definitely consider signing up for a gmail account just for the love of music!

        So guys go ahead and convince me about the need for a gmail account just due to my love for music! Let me get the ‘good feel’ and ‘good experience’ after you have done it on our behalf.

        I really appreciate the offer and the service. Where else in the blogosphere does one get such additional advantages simply by being a blog member?

        This must be a first and I cannot wait!!

        Cheers and thanks!

  6. Mr. Admin,

    Could you please be kind and take your time to explain to us the right procedure of publishing new posts.

    I just tried to publish a new post and had to give up after 2 hours of trying. Surely, it cannot be that difficult to publish a new post!

    Little wonder members, apart from yourself and Phil, are not publishing new posts! We surely want to go beyond just making comments on other people’s posts.

    Where exactly did I go wrong?

    Cheers and thanks.

    • Einstein sorry for late response. I was engaged elsewhere.

      Here are some different options or approaches possible when creating new post

      These two methods are recommended for all standard simple text entry and media inserts .

      a) Use the editor, – Go to the Dashboard, Posts, Add New. Type a title, then Enter your post in the main body. There are two modes Visual and Text. Use Visual by default and just enter your information.

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      e) or my preferred option use your regular document editor, e.g MS Word, format as desired than copy and paste into (a) above. Note make sure to use “Copy from Word” option so that the editor knows how to translate Word format to html

      The difference between (d) and (e) is that the blog-writers connect directly to the blog and update while with (e) you need to copy and paste.

      once again do not forget to either save draft, or publish

      hope this helps, but if you experience issues different from as described above do share the specific issue and will try to address.

      p.s. – you will notice that i have used html tags b and blockquote when writing this comment

    • Moesha
      We are real glad to have you here. We do apologise that in the current format, spell check is not available, and that also by design, wordpress does not allow editing of comments. The history to that is that people would make outrageous claims then when called out would sneak back and delete or alter their content, so wordpress locked comment editing. However the good news is that in a month or two we will migrate to an upgraded platform where all these features will be available. We ask for your patience as we plan the upgrade.

  7. Moesha1 is in the house. Gosh its easier applying for mortgage than it is trying to sign up. And my original user name is gone yawa. But nice job guys.

    • Moesha
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      How to retain your original username is described here below:

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  8. Man K has stopped by. I will be following the developments here mos mos because currently I have a rather tight schedule. Great effort, and best wishes.

  9. Blog Improvements
    Have added Newsfeed to the two most widely read papers. Due to screen limitations only posting a handful, but in future will be able to get larger feed. 🙂

    • Yes sir, welcome aboard DeepCogitation, and I see that you have your full powers. If you would kindly share your experience on the developers page so that we can improve the process, would be much appreciated.

      • Basically, I just followed the instructions from the BOSS! But I shall share my experience tomorrow on the developers page for the benefit of the new members! We are definitely on the right track!!

        But please can you show me how to integrate the emotion icons in my comments or posts? I mean the smilies and co!

        And do we have a spell check embedded in WordPress?

      • Hi Einstein

        Unfortunately the comment section does not have a spell check, but there are workarounds we can discuss.

        The emoticons are entered manually will publish a list of common ones.

        Thanks for the support. Looking forward to your posts

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