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We also announce FYI that the Kenya government through CCK and working with various partners including NCIC (I thought this outfit’s mandate was not renewed) has embarked on a monitoring and censorship campaign and have in fact shut down various facebook accounts and recently have shut down Mashada as well.

The shutting down of Mashada is no surprise since it already has such a history


On the bright side, there are a number of initiatives by Kenyans to monitor and report various incidences. These include the highly successful Ushahidi model and Uchaguzi, if you know of any other such initiative do inform the board

Shocking: Shebesh Eloped With Man, Abandoning Him In Mombasa With Unpaid Bills

She first captivated Kenyans with her beauty and uncompromising support for ODM and Prime Minister Raila Odinga when she was nominated to parliament in 2009. This year however, she has remained in the headlines for many reasons key among them being that she has defected from ODM to TNA. The two parties are led by two men who are described as the leading horses and favourites to emerge as Kenya’s 4th president. She is rumoured to be dating one of them. She is now considered the ultimate political sex symbol in Kenya and the media is crazy about her.

Many men are said to secretly admire Nominated MP Hon. Rachel Wambui Shebesh who is a Fashion/Interior Designer by profession. In her short political career, the 41 year old Shebesh has attracted huge media following and become to be known all over Kenya for her beauty, voluptuous figure, colourful dressing and fierce political persuasions.

The curvaceous Shebesh has definitely come a long way in her short political career.

John Telewa, or The Kiss Bandit as he is now referred to, the man who has been kissing ladies everywhere with the intention of being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, was earlier this year locked out of parliament, when he tried to access the building with an intention to kiss female members of parliament. Friends say Telewa’s prime target was the Hon Rachael Shebesh.

Like the late US superstar Marylyn Monroe who was famous for her sex appeal in 1950s and early 1960s, Rachel Shebesh is fast developing a reputation that may have far reaching consequences on her political ambitions not to mention that her evidently frustrated and forlorn husband has been variously spotted at Nairobi West Birongo Square drinking alone late into the night.

Last week, Shebesh was unapologetic in leading all the organizations of a fun filled bash to commemorate Uhuru Kenyatta’s 51st birthday celebrations. It is a story that reminded many of Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to John F Kennedy – not for the singing or the birthday but for something else. JFK was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963.

More recently however, explosive revelations emerged on social media how Shebesh chips-fungad (sheng for one-night-stand) with some 25 year old dude from Nairobi’s Buruburu estate and took him down to the Kenyan coast where they made limitless merry! However, for some unknown reasons and after spending some quality time together, Shebesh later abandoned the guy there to settle all the bills. The poor fellow was forced to call friends in Nairobi to fundraise for him to be released from a beach hotel in Mombasa-raha.

When these escapades were leaked in social media mid October 2012, many thought that Shebesh would come out guns blazing to deny and threaten those peddling those rumours and to the surprise of many, so far there has not been any denial leading to speculation that the Mombasa incident took place. Images of the two together captured on mobile phone camera are doing the rounds and this blogger will publish them as they are approved by the editor.

Response to Jukwaa

In light of this discussion on Jukwaa about DeepCogitation I thought it necessary to provide opportunity for members to provide their views/feedback.

On my part as the Blog Admin have this to say, yes many broke off from Jukwaa, but this forum is neither an extension of nor in any competition with Jukwaa and for that matter any other discussion forum.

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