We have a ton of battle in our hands


We have a ton of battle in our hands. Personally I think I will be heading back home again in January to handle a few things and see with my own eyes where we are taking the country.

Luckily for me I finally won my case against the government for torture in Nyayo House torture chambers so I need to go home to fix things with my family.

I won this case back in 2014 and it took forever fighting with Uhuru’s henchman Karanja Kibichio who is the PS in the Interior ministry to actually force them to pay.

I get mad when I see some cases being rejected because they are late and yet way back in 2003 we won a court case which declared that there is no time limit for abuse of human rights. That is why they are still prosecuting the Nazis.

But some Kenyan lawyers are just too lazy. If they did a little research they would find out that time limit issue has been ruled and there are numerous precedent cases to prove that.

I had a lawyer called Julius Juma who used to work wit Rachier and Amolo Advocates but now works on his own and he is a piece of work. Very good lawyer. Anybody with a human rights case should check him out.

So yea they will pay me some peanuts and I will use it to buy panadol to handle some PTSD problems. That would be marvelous won’t it? No I will use it to push my endless number of nephews through school. I screwed up going to jail when I was supposed to be paying school fees for their mothers, my younger sisters.

The sisters turned out to be pretty good business people but they insist it is my job to pay those crazy Kenyan college fees which doesn’t bother me because they are ones who have to face the little monsters when they demand college fees.

My mom was really concerned about that because she told me the only reason I went to college was to be able to pay school fees for the girls.

My father asked me if I even knew what I was doing picking a fight with Moi. I told him I knew exactly what I was doing. Then he said fine but I was going to pay a price for it and he told me that is going to be my problem not his.

Now back to earth. Oh sweet earth where we have Uhuru now as an illegitimate president. It is going to be tough as nails fighting these guys. They are very nasty and we are relentless. Show time starts next week on Tuesday. Folks are in good spirits and pretty ready to go.

In the meantime we have this bizarre situation where Uhuru is even rigging congratulatory greetings.

In the UK they are having a problem with Johnson. The Western countries including the crazy Trump guys are holding their cards. The Uhuru murder spree has spooked a lot of people out here.

Here is Johnson’s situation.


Here in Canada we are pretty confident with the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Foreign Affairs minister Catherine Freeland is very tough so there is going to be no fooling around with Uhuru.

We also have one of the more powerful ministers in that government (Citizenship and Immigration) a very smart guy who came to Canada as a refugee kid from Somalia and is very close to the African Communities in Canada particularly in Toronto where he grew up.

So we have to do the same thing we did with Moi when gave his High Commissioner, Mr. Nyamweya such a hard time Moi had to recall him from Canada demanding that the Candian government should not entertain Kenyans going to the Embassy to cause trouble.

The one good thing in Canada is that we don’t have that tribalism they have in the UK and US among Kenyans who seem to behave like they carried their tribes with them.

Raila fortunately has had a very good rapport with the Kenyan community in Toronto. He has addressed many gatherings here. Last time 2007 it was Miguna who was doing a lot of the organizing here. Oloo has also been involved before but we have several Kenyan groups here.

I personally worked very closely with Miguna although we had our differences later on. But the big fella is back with the team. We will see. Bu the battles Uhuru is going to face is going to be multifaceted. That is how Moi was brought down.

I know Uhuru thinks the Chinese will help him. Ask Mugabe. Kama Mbaya ni Mbaya.

In conclusion for now the one thing I can say we don’t want to hear about is some form of a crappy coalition government. We want clean, free and fair elections for the country and if we end up electing a goat as long as it is free we are fine. We will keep our goat.

So it is not about Uhuru. We demand free elections and if that election gives us Uhuru fare enough. This is not complicated.


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What if NASA went to SCOK again?


Probably it would be worth it going back to the SCOK one more time.

Yes, its disappointing that judges just flee the court when its time to take up a case. But I believe that NASA has a very strong case in given that their irreducible minimums were well grounded on the SCOK judgement. For a quick look shows that many have not been done. Besides, Railas withdrawal from the elections should have triggered a new elections.

I must say that very funny things are happening in the court today. There was an appeal launched challenging Ekurus inclusion in the elections. It could not take off because the court of appeal was on “holiday”. This night judges resurfaced to stay judge Odungas case that declared returning officers as illegally appointed. We have finally returned to days when Judge Chunga would have trials in the middle of the night or wee hour of the morning.

This made city lawyer Nelson Havi to quip “Court of Appeal unavailable in the morning to hear ODM vs Ekuru Aukot but surfaces at night to stay Justice Odunga’s decision! Who is fooling who?” 

The elephant in the room is however NASA´s announcement that they  will convert into a resistance movement. I dont know how this will pan out but it does not look good for the country. When you see CNN, BBC, Aljazeera all showing an event happening in Africa live then you know that there is huge interest.

I don’t know what the declaration means but I’m not happy with it because its puts us on a long path of struggle that’s not sustainable.  Besides, apart from just a couple of guys, the rest dont have the stamina to repulse the devils at the top. To me secession is the most clear and certain path. It leaves no doubt as to where we are heading.


Breaking: Raila To Address Massive Rally At Uhuru Park Tomorrow,  To Announce Final Position

1. Forms 34Bs

· All Forms should be preprinted indicating names of polling stations and candidates.

· Returning Officers to physically fill in the Forms and make a formal announcement at the Constituency level
The above process to be done in the presence of agents, media, observers and the public.

· There should be no use of Excel documents in filling results Forms.

· All Forms to be standardized.

2. Printing of Ballot papers and Forms

· Al Ghurair company printed non standardized elections results declaration Forms which were used in the impugned presidential elections.

· Another printer should be contracted to print ballot papers and results declaration Forms in the fresh elections.

3. Election Monitors

· Introduce election monitors selected from a multisectoral group to have a role in signing off for elections materials and results declaration forms at polling stations and the Constituency tallying center.

· Elections Monitors to sign off on the Forms 34As and 34Bs before the results are announced.

4. Returning Officers

· A new slot of returning officers to be appointed for all the 291 constituencies

· Current serving ROs to remain as Constituency Elections Managers and not play any role as Returning Officers in the fresh elections but provide logistical support to the appointed ROs.

· Appointment of ROs should be from a pool provided by political parties of nominees
Posting of ROs should be done through open balloting in public to determine constituencies where the officers are to be posted.

5. Results Transmission

· No text messaging in sending elections results

· Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kit to the constituency and national tallying center

· Commission to proactively announce exact number of persons who have voted at 5 pm based on tabulations from KIEMS Kits before the counting starts.

· Elections results to be announced at the Constituency level. Only scanned images to be sent through the KIEMS kits or results transmitted by Presiding Officers and Returning Officers may be tabulated.

· National tallying center should not display results before they are verified and announced at the constituency level. No results should be displayed unless political party and candidates’ agents are given full access to all transaction logs and databases.

· National tallying center should only display scanned images of result Forms once publicly announced at the Constituency tallying centers

 Media Houses should proactively cover all results announcements at the respective constituencies and show live feed of the outcome

· Candidates’ agents should be part of receiving teams at the constituency and national tallying centers. Receiving teams to verify all Forms 34As delivered and confirm that accurate entries are made on the Forms 34Bs and sign off before announcement is made.

· Observers should be allowed access to this process.

6. Candidate Agents and tallying center

 Candidates agents should be present at all levels and processes of the elections. these include the deployment and receiving of elections materials.
· Candidates should have IT agents present to oversee the entire IT infrastructure of the Commission and be present or have access at all data centers, where controls are maintained and servers hosted/configured.

7. ICT Infrastructure

· Independent International Experts should be engaged to manage the entire ICT framework of the elections with close supervision of the Candidates agents and the IEBC.

· Results transmission system to be designed on the Oracle platform and overseen by Oracle Consulting. No use of cloud servers in results transmission.

· IBM was contracted to provide end to end security testing of the KIEMS system. IBM to be allowed to provide security and monitoring of users, networks and servers used in results transmission.

· Administrator and root accounts must be disabled on KIEMS servers. All system administrators accessing the servers must use their own accounts.

· IEBC to avail API to be made available to all stakeholders in time and relevant documentation.

· Commission should provide full information on the following;

· Entire ICT infrastructure, list of support partners and their respective Service Level Agreements (SLAS), full disclosure of implementation documentation by each partners.

· Firewall configuration including ports configuration.

· Disclose all database transaction logs including: alert logs, archive/redo logs, audit trail, data files, OS command history, network logs, sql.net logs database vault logs and trace files.

· Physical view and inspection of IEBC servers, portal access to the servers and IP addresses of all 20 servers.

· Full access and copy of all servers and databases it is using.

· Disclose all support partners with SLAs and escalation matrix.

· Disclose firewall configuration including ports configuration.

· Entire enterprise architecture of the landscape.

· GPS coordinates of KIEMS.

· KIEMS sim card numbers for all kits

· Telkom and network structure with all service providers (provide agreements and implementation details.

· Transaction logs of all databases and servers.

8. Polling Stations

· IEBC should provide a list of all polling stations and registered voters per all those polling stations in advance. List should indicate the GPS locations of all polling stations and the network coverage.

9. Complicit Elections Personnel
· A scrutiny of the Forms 34Bs from the constituencies showed that 80 constituency Forms were fake and therefore illegal. Officers who were complicit in processing results through these illegal Forms being the respective returning officers and national tallying center officers who allowed the illegal documents to pass as results should not play any role in the fresh electoral process.

· Officers who also facilitated the display of figures surporting them to be results but which at the Supreme Court hearing were disowned by the Commission as mere statistics should equally be barred from participating in the fresh elections.

Nearly everything that IEBC does is illegal

Judge Odunga rules that the appointment of both ROs and POs were illegal but refuses to quash the gazettment not because of lack of merit but due to public interest. In otherwords he is saying that let the elections go on. Sometimes these judges better not make any rulings.

But the elephant in the room was the ruling in the supreme court that was absconded by almost all judges save for Maraga and Leonola. https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001258375/justice-maraga-postpones-presidential-rerun-case-citing-lack-of-quorum

Then Police now seals off Uhuru park ….no NASA rally, no announcement from NASA. We are back to 2007/8




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I Cry for Africa – Part 2

My earlier post I Cry For Africa – Part 1,  was a lamentation in general about the inept leadership, governance and extremely poor implementation of so called western democracies or imported systems of politics and a possible reason as to why this is the case. I also generally advocated for the breakup of the countries as defined by the so called Berlin Conference and creation of home grown and defined units that better reflect our peculiar African social and economic structures.

Well a number of events have transpired since that time that require us to dig deeper and take a far much more critical review

1. There have been many secessionist movements not just BreXit but others in Africa as well as Europe. The Catalona break away has currently captured the worlds attention and especially that of Spain, who are currently brutally repressing the movement. Our dear friend Adongo has also mentioned a similar crisis in Canada. Cameroon is currently considering secession, and there are many others. In fact this post is inspired by the article provided by Nyatieng re: New Colonialism of Africa

2. Locally the Jubilee government has escalated brutality and repression of the democratic will of those opposed to their mode of leadership and electoral theft. Gory images litter social media, and AMREF has also released data on state instigated violence and death meted out to persons in zones deemed to harbor opposition members, irrespective of whether the victims were participating in the demonstrations or were simply going about their daily lives.

3. But most importantly, I stumbled across and was pleasantly surprised to discover an ongoing and well researched history of Africa compiled into a very comprehensive reading. The publication(s) covers a tremendous depth of material and provides a lot of missing links and information.

It is this last piece of information that makes the core of this post  aptly labelled part 2.

The “SANKOFA” – Used as a symbol of the Pedagogical use of  GHA 


Sankofa teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward. That is, we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us, so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward.


Please do NOTE that due to the voluminous nature of the content, am still reading through and processing, so I will be providing inputs, comments and any other observations as I peruse through the material. In this regard this page will be edited periodically as new observations are made. I believe most observations will be based on Volumes 6 through 8, but we will find out soon enough

Naturally not being a historian, this stuff is both new and extremely fascinating to catch up with, but for those of you that have already had the chance to read the volumes or similar material please kindly do share your valued contribution

If this is new material for you please do read on

UNESCO have a publication called the General History of Africa (GHA), which is a 9 volume document that provides perhaps the first and only true history of Africa dating way back to ancient civilizations to modern day.

It is an on-going effort in the sense that Volume IX is currently under active development and production since about 2011 or 2013 and is obtaining inputs from across many partners and actors.

I cannot say how grateful I am to UNESCO for endeavoring to set the African historical record straight and for this publication. I hope this provides fresh insight on our rich heritage, as well as shed some light on some of the darkest times experienced in this continent and its people. Happy reading folks be warned each volume averages 700 pages

Volumes 1 through 8 have been produced over a 5 decade period or more starting back from mid 1960’s

The official documentation or collection can be found on this link General History of Africa, but for the convenience DeepCogitation readers I have presented the volumes in the following pages of this post

About The GHA Project


Table of Contents  (Click on the titles to go to each volume)


Volume I – Methodology and African Prehistory

Volume II – Ancient Civilizations of Africa

Volume III – Africa from the 7th to the 11th Century

Volume IV – Africa from the 12th to 16th Century

Volume V – Africa from 16th to 18th Century

Volume VI – Africa in the 19th Century until 1880s

Volume VII – Africa under Colonial Domination 1880 – 1935

Volume VIII – Africa since 1935

Volume IX – Under Development