Rotich and Other Dam Thieves In Trouble.

This looks like one of the biggest anti-corruption raids ever in the country. And they grabbed Rotich the CS in charge of the nation’s finances. That is serious business. Except this is Kenya. But you just don’t arrest the Finance Minster on corruption for nothing.

So what are the issues:

  1. If indeed Rotich and co were stealing these volume of money they are not doing it alone. This kind of stuff can bankrupt the country and the cash moves through so many portals. It has to be something done with orders from above. Even Ruto can’t steal this volume of money without Uhuru’s involvement. The president is the king in Kenya. May be Uhuru and Ruto can compromise and agree to just throw Rotich and a few others under a moving SGR train. Gone in a second.

2. Haji as the DPP is quite a mixed bag. He has started all sorts of big cases that just seem to go nowhere. But I doubt he could start something this huge without some kind of a plan and that plan can only come from State House.

3. Murkoman should be certified as an insane idiot. He represents Marakwet county which is just losing one of the biggest possible investments to build a dam that was going to be of so much value to his constituents. That is gone now. These guys are not going to borrow money twice to build the same thing.

And what does Murkomen do for his constituents who are being robbed of a great asset with massive economic benefits. Murkoman pisses on his constituents and supports the thieves. May be it is the thieves who elected him and not the constituents of Elgeyo Marakwet.

4. Where does Ruto stand on this. The DP has been screaming all along that only Kshs 7 billion may have been lost (as if that is change)  and not Kshs. 21 billion. Right now it looks like it could be more than 21 billion.

This thing is going to make Goldenberg Scandal look like a joke. Will Ruto stand with the people of Rift Valley who are the biggest losers on this or we the DP stand firm with the thieves. What are Ruto’s real interests in this matter?

I remember Ruto putting up crocodile tears about Mau Forest. Where are the tears for the people of Marakwet and Kenyans being robbed.

5. If we can’t build the dams because the money has been stolen and laundered do we still pay this massive loan and if so for what.

6. Last but not least. Where is the money? Who is having this money and how do we get it back because we have to even if it means selling these peoples’ entire assets including their under wears and the diapers they use. No jokes. The president needs to assure Kenyans that money will be recovered even before he appoints the new Finance CS and others.

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Wonderful Patriotic Tribute To One of A kind. OO

I will have this here for now. But there was an incredible event in Dudi when comrade OO was laid to rest. The comrades have sent me a full package of the events. So fitting and appropriate for this kind of a human being. Its provided below.

And for now we say, rest easy fella. We got your back. Now and tomorrow.

Human Rights Activist And Ex-Political Detainee Onyango Oloo Dies

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AFCON: The boys are fighting for the nation. Jamhuri is Ok with these guys.

We got one today and what a game. TZ scores in the 6th minute. Olunga (The engineer) ties it up in 39th minute. One minute later TZ takes a  lead and we are down 1-2.

Then we tie it again in 60th minute but that was not enough for Harambee stars. The engineer wins it for us in the 80th minute. 3-2. Just a beauty.

Now we have to go to war with Senegal who also lost to Algeria.

Sadio Mane. Here we come. Oh boy. We are tied for now with Senegal for the second spot. Whoever wins the game between Kenya and Senegal moves to the knockout stage of 16. We are coming.

Here we are:

And what a goal this was.

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Murathe is back at it: This issue is at the heart of State House


I said before and I will say this again. David Wakairu Murathe is right there at State House where he holds no position. He doesn’t have to. This is old money. Uhuru and Ruto are headed to a fist fight but I suspect if things get very hot Ruto will talk to Uhuru to let him ease out and enjoy his money.

Ruto has too much money to take risks. The people he is fighting like Uhuru and Murathe have even more money. They want peace too with their money. So this could end well for everybody.

The trouble for Ruto is that he thinks he is fighting Raila. No. That is not the problem. Ruto is facing the Kikuyu big money and they don’t fool around. In fact Raila may not be even in the picture completely. We could end up with a completely different president. Kivutha Kibwana looked hopeful but this is going to be a long game.

Murathe directly asked Ruto to rebuild Kiambaa church, that scene of horrific  murder in 2007. That tells you everything. Ruto will never be forgiven for what happened in 2007/8 PEV. Period.

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Onyango Oloo – Gone Too Soon RIP

Its a very sad day. One of the great heroes of human rights is gone to rest with our Lord.
My he rest in peace. I loved Oloo´s brain power. The way he could composed articles with all manner of references left you in awe. You understood that this was a very smart guy. He is one of the unsung heroes of our time. Kenyans love those who walk around with gunias of money, not ideals like OO.



How About The African Premier League in England

I am football fanatic, forget being a fan. My son is a fan and a pretty good player.

He is more normal than me when it comes to football. Then today after the last games of the EPL he asks me if I know anything special about the best scorers in Englan Football League.

I told him may be they are all from Manchester City, that little monster in the EPL today.

The young man told me I was wrong. He told me the special thing about the best scorers in the EPL is that they are all Africans.

And here they are:

I am not saying anything about the captain, Victor Wanyama who is going to play in the UEFA championship final this year with the spurs  and later he will take the Jamhuri team to Egypt for the African Cup of Nations.

I am not saying anything about Divock Origi who single handedly took Liverpool to the finals of UEFA Champions cap in that dramatic win against Messi and Barcelona a week ago.

Neither am I talking about all the African players playing for Europe because they were born there.

In any event no word about Romalu Lukaki. Nothing about Vincent Kompany. None on N’golo Kante. I am not even going to talk about Mpappe or Zinidane. Nope. Nothing from me.

But I will say one thing. Africa won the world cup in 1998 when France won it. That team was 95% African. Don’t even try to ask me for the names of those African French players who brought that cup to France. Don’t.

The current generation coming of these African European players is frightening. Even England could very soon be African. No kidding.

So I will keep quiet for now but may not be for very long.

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