Kenya Losing It’s Seafront To Somalia?


I have seen this story of Kenya fighting over sea border with Somalia but I really never followed it because I was thinking how in hell do we lose our sea that we have had forever to non-existent dysfunctional government of Mogadishu which doesn’t even control the rest of Somalia.

So I was pretty confident that this was an easy walkover for Jamhuri. I underestimated the incompetency of those who run our country.

Right now it looks I was dead wrong. Somalia took the case to International Criminal Justice Court (ICJ) and the incompetent Kenya AG and his team have been doing nothing. Now when the case comes Kenya is asking for postponement so that they can hire lawyers to represent Jamhuri.

What a bunch of morons we have here. What is our AG’s job and qualifications? Don’t we have people there who can handle a case like this?

When you look at the whole picture, Somalia has a good case and they are very confident the ICJ will rule in their favour. Kenya is terrified after paying very little attention to the matter. Kenya was expecting the African Union to intervene on their behalf the way they did with ICC. Somalia has said no. They want to go to the ICJ.

Here is the really scary thing. If we lose this case as can see in the map below we could very will lose 42% of our sea water surface and access to it.

This could also mean if the maps are designed in such a way that the ships from Europe and the rest of the world have to cross Somalia seawater before entering Kenyan sea water then we are a landlocked country.

So if we lose some or all of the water we have to negotiate on the boundaries of international waters. That we can win and should.

All countries around the world have to fight to define international waters in their water space. Kenya has a good case on that.

Here is the deal. If we declare parts of the Indian Ocean on the Kenyan seafront as international waters we and other countries have access to it.

But Kenya cannot police it unless there are international crimes being committed which Kenya has been asked and tasked by the international community to deal with and stop.

If we lose the whole case, Somalia will have to allow us to use its water for shipping into our seafront if they grant permission and charge us some crazy fee. And poor SGR will be in a landlocked country. Oh dear.

If you think I am joking, look at the map.

The one thing that people don’t know about Somalia is that it has one of the longest coastline and access to seawater in the world.

Somalia has 3,500 Kilometers of coastline. Give me any country which is even close and tell me what they have done with it.

If people in that country could have figured out what to do, Somalia will today be one of the richest places on earth.

Somalia is capable of building a port system that could serve the whole of Africa and our many international shipping and trade partners in Asia, Europe, the Americas etc.

Look at the stretch of that coastline. For trade it could have been a global magnet. And the amount of fish just lying under that water undisturbed as Somali folks are busy with their stupid piracy business on the sea.

And to think that Somalia is a community of one ethnic group called Somalia but just divided in clans. They all speak one language and have one religion.

And then to let this gem of Africa go to complete waste because of clan politics and now the vice of religious extremism and Al Shabaab is finishing them and they want to grab our sea. Forget it.

Don’t we already have our soldiers in Somali protecting the same government grabbing our country. Tell them you are moving the soldiers from Kismayu to Mogadishu to come sort this matter out then we take it from there.



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Mariga In The House at Kibra to Replace Ken Okoth

This is going to be a tough one.

Mariga is in. Good.

Former international footballer McDonald Mariga after submitting his nomination application papers for Kibra Parliamentary seat at the Jubilee Headquarters along Thika Road on September 2, 2019.

It is going to be smoking hot.

We have Owalo there with ANC saying Kibra has been waiting for a leader.

Excuse me.

Kibra just lost one of the best M.Ps in the country.


Anybody who wants to replace Ken Okoth as the M.P for Kibra have to tell the constituents of Kibra why they would be better or even as good as Ken.

Kenyans pay tribute to fallen MP Ken Okoth

Even half as good would do. That is a tough job. That is where Ken put the bar. It is pretty high. Education. CDF good management. There on the ground. All of it.

Who can come close to doing that after Ken set the standard?

That is pretty much it.

And Thank You. Ken.

You have touched many hearts in the republic with your work, vision and courage.

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Will We Ever Have Census For Kenyans In Diaspora?

There is a lot of hype about the soon to be carried out census in Kenya.

The 2009 census report that was launched at the KICC in Nairobi

Many counties are hoping to pump their numbers up so as to be able to get more devolution money. Talk of census rigging is all over the place.

Anytime tax payer money is on the line Kenyan politicians do crazy things.

But I have one question. Do we as a country have any idea how many Kenyans live in the diaspora? 3 million as is in some reports we have seen? 4 million may be? How many?

That is a whole country out there.  We don’t need to give them healthcare or housing. They can figure it out there. So we will not be counting them for that.

But we could work with them on broader issues of local investment and money transfer systems, technology transfers and investments and so many other  things.

Those broader issues on economic and social  development have no political boundaries and would overcome the little  divisions within the Kenyan communities in diaspora.

For example tax on money exchange is very complicated. It should be streamlined to boost the digital financial transactions that has made Kenya a shining example through MPESA and to provide incentives for Kenyans abroad to invest in the country. It is a win win for everybody.

This is  one of the unverified pieces I have seen on the Kenyan Diaspora Population as of right now.

I mean every year we hear about the huge amount of money they send back to Kenya for family and business. It is in big billions of the foreign currency in the country.

We throw the money there everyday to do a million  different things. I can’t remember any payday in my last 20-30 years of work here in Canada when I didn’t send at least 25% of my earnings to Kenya for so many different things.

In fact that is the one thing that makes me very happy to go to work everyday.

Just today I was talking to my sister. Her son is having his graduation at Eldoret University on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

She is going there with her family. I was telling her that is the most terrible waste of money to travel with a whole group of people there. It is a couple days of travel back and forth and hotels and all. It was going to cost them a lot.

I told her let the boy graduate, tell him to go have ice cream with his friends and go back to Nairobi where he already has  a job. We will have a graduation party later on.

But my sister said nope. She is going to give the boy moral support and she reminded me my mom came all the way to Nairobi on my graduation day and I took her all over the city taking pictures with her. So I shut up promptly.

But we agreed that it was a better idea to send money to take the boy through college and she is very capable of handling the costs of the graduation business. Fine and fair.

So we send money down there endlessly. We buy all sorts of things.

I am personally battling with how best to utilize tractors that me and my nephew bought. I mean it feels like all my money is going down there and I am here.

But does our country even know how many we are out here and how best we can help in the country’s development.

Kenyans in diaspora are probably one of the biggest and most valuable county for Kenya.

How many are we? Where are we?

Those are my questions.

And we were supposed to be voting according to the new constitution.

Obviously that is not happening any time soon with these bumblers in charge of the republic.

Can we sue for that and ask our Chief Justice Maraga and the Supreme Court to tell us what the legal situation is.

I think we need a constitutional interpretation of the constitutional requirement that  Kenyans living out of the country at the time of voting be able to cast their votes in Presidential and all other legislative votes carried out in the republic of Kenya.

This is a very doable thing. Many countries are doing it as we speak.

If we in the diaspora at voting time can’t vote we can seek to declare any election without clear opportunities for the participation of Kenyans in diaspora as grossly unconstitutional and therefore null and void. That is for another day. But it could come sooner than later.

But for the record clear opportunities would have to include voter registration, a transparent and credible voting process and declaration of results that is credible and transparent.

Anybody who doesn’t want to  vote that is their problem.  But the opportunity to vote must be available and transparent.  

But yes we do have a census coming up in a week.

Of Kenyans

Here we go:


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Israeli Apartheid At Full Blast

This is not shocking to those of us who follow the eternal conflict between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Peoples’ struggles for nationhood in their own land.

What is shocking and frightening about this is that for the first time the Israeli government is imposing conditions on elected US Congress members if they want to travel to Israel.

The victims of this atrocity are elected Congresswomen Ilhan Omar from Minnesota and Tlaib Rashida elected Congresswoman from Michigan.

They have been deemed not fit to step into Israel allegedly because they support Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS).

This is is a movement that seeks to treat Israel as a state in violation of basic human rights with regards the way they treat Palestinians and even the Arab population of Israel which is 20% of the population of Israel.

Everybody understands why they were banned from entering Israel. They oppose the occupation and have said so publicly. And god forbid they are the first Muslim women ever elected to the US Congress.

To make things worse, Tlaib Rashida is of Palestinian origin although born in the US and is now an elected member of the US Congress.

In short Tlaib is a United States citizen and an elected US Congresswoman.

Democratic US congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib before Election Day in Michigan, 2018.

Congresswoman Tlaib’s grandmother, Muftia Tlaib, whom she fondly calls “sity” is now 90 years old and still kicking alive in the West Bank and was hoping to see her granddaughter probably for the last time.

That is what any of us would hope for and be very delighted about.

To see your grandmother possibly for the last time. Anybody would love that.

I have one left in my family. Her name is Grace. She is blind now but as soon as you open your mouth and talk she knows exactly who you are. And she welcomes you by name. She has a name for everybody in the family.

With Grace, it depends on whether you are in her good books or the bad one. When she calls me “Rapenda”  it means I am reliable. That is good.

When she calls me “Olal”, the lost one, I am in trouble and I have to get things right.

It means I am not doing things that I should be doing at home. I usually get the message or so I hope.

It took Grace time to figure out my son’s voice because she didn’t meet him until he was five. Then they figured it out.

For the young man this was his great grandmother and they were trying to figure out how to get along. They did a very good job at it.

Today the boy comes back to see her even after so many years away in Canada she calls him by the name she has for him. They are wonderful friends.

If you ever stop me or this young man from going home just to have a chat with Grace before she leaves us, I think I would go crazy.

Nobody knows what Grace’s age is. Her son Solomon when we were visiting says oh she is like 96 years old.

Solomon’s wife brasses it off and says Grace is older than that.

Grace was just laughing as we had some food at her son’s house in Wang’arot in Asembo which is where my mom was born.

Grace seemed to have no interest at all about what her age is even though we were joking about it. She seemed to love the guess work. She probably doesn’t know when she was born and would care less.

Just great time for everybody.

That is the folklore of family re-union with the old ones. There is food and laughter at the family table. It is priceless in any culture.

My son is there and he was born in Canada and all of a sudden he is more Kenyan than me.

He identifies with the sentiments of love and affection his family members have for each other regardless of anything else. He senses he is part of something really beautiful.

You can’t teach that. It is just human. Why not for Palestinian families like that of Tlaib Rashida.

So after Tlaib was barred from entering Israel as a member of the US Congress the Israeli government “bent backwards” to allow her to enter Israel and visit her grandmother on “humanitarian” grounds. Oh for the love of god what is that?


View image on Twitter


It means the Israeli government gave her very strict conditions that she thought were oppressive and humiliating to her and her family.

It was more like they would put her in a cage at the airport, take her to her grandmother’s place, let her greet them and take her in that cage back to the airport and out. Gone and done.

Hopefully they will allow Tlaib Rashida to attend her grandmother’s funeral when that time comes and even that I doubt. Can you believe it?

For Americans who have never known how the Israeli government treats Palestinians now they know. It seems for the Israeli government, Tlaib Rashida is a Palestinian who have to be treated accordingly, the way all Palestinians are treated. It is not a big issue for them.

Never mind that Tlaib is an elected member of the US Congress and an American citizen.

Remember that Apartheid South used to bar African American political figures from setting foot in South Africa. Jesse Jackson was barred from visiting South Africa in 1985.

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This is a recurrence of the same.

Here is the story from Times of Israel. The comments are toxic. That is part of the problem. So you have to live with it. The comments are really horrible but it is what it is.  Thank you.

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