This Is Pathetic Even By Miguna’s Standards.

I came through something that just stunned me. Miguna was back at this favourite Jeff Koinange show in some alleged race for the Nairobi governor and then he gets into this ugly outburst about people wanting to or actually raping Esther Passaris.

There is pathetic and then there is Miguna who takes the same to a whole new level. For a guy like Miguna, a good friend of mine, who has actually been accused of and charged with rape right here in Toronto this is frightening talk.

Miguna’s rape case just  to be clear was a big fiasco. Miguna was publicly arrested and humiliated by the Toronto police who seemed to have their own axe to grind with him. The cops handcuffed Miguna right out of his office when they could simply have summoned him to come to a police station.

It turned out that the alleged rape victim in the Miguna case was one of Miguna’s clients, a Kenyan woman who had applied for refugee status in Canada and Miguna was representing her. Under investigation it turned out that the alleged victim had lied in her application for refugee status by claiming that the friend who came with her was not a relative.

The police found out that the friend was actually the alleged victim’s sister. This is when things got very complicated for the alleged victim. The investigation concluded that since the alleged victim had lied in her refugee application forms that fact will be used against her in the actual trial on the basis that if you lied before to get status in Canada why should anyone believe you now.

Consequently the case collapsed and Miguna then sued the Toronto police up to the Queen of England for the humiliation and got a whole load of money and pretty much left the country. Quite frankly nobody knows if Miguna raped the alleged victim or not. Only Miguna and the allged victim know that.

Now here we have Miguna on a pretty heavy tirade against Esther Passaris on matters of rape and Miguna’s excuse for his brutal sexist and stupid behaviour is that Esther had accused him of being a rapist.

If you thought Trump was ugly and mediocre to the point of insanity, welcome to Miguna’s world.

Here it is. Lovely country we have.

Corruption Owns Me. Uhuru Declares. A bloody shame.

In probably one of the most pathetic public shows of incompetence, defeat and hopelessness, Uhuru Kenyatta told Kenyans and the whole world that his hands are tied by corruption and there is nothing he can do about it. Really?

In practical terms Uhuru Kenyatta is saying that he, Uhuru Kenyatta is corruption and corruption is him. We know that. And Uhuru thinks we are supposed to laugh and be happy about this. I don’t think so and the president is hearing it loud and clear from Kenyans of all walks of life. Uhuru is a dismal failure for the job of the chief executive of our country. That too we know.

As Uhuru cries and weeps in State House during another meat feast his prized corruption guru, Anne Waihuru is back in the public light appearing before one of the comic fronts pretending to be fighting corruption, the PAC. The stuff coming out of there is frightening.

People who worked at the NYS are giving details of how Waihuru was siphoning billions out of the NYS in a full length scam that at least robbed the country off Kshs 1.8 billion and counting.

The same Waihuru whom Uhuru defended until he couldn’t cry anymore has herself been cleared by the same phony PAC and other fake anti-corruption outfits.

And Uhuru says his hands are tied. At least Uhuru can ask Waihuru to untie his hands so we can at least clean up just the mayhem for the NYS. Is that OK Mr. President? Maybe not. Hands still tied? Yes.

That whole Uhuru conference on corruption at State House was a terrible circus. Just what we have come to expect. But I am very happy with the vigorous response of Kenyans. The republic is awake and pretty pissed. Very good.

Remarks by Johnson Sakaja during TNA Special NDC at Kasarani

Full text of speech made by Hon. Sakaja Johnson, Nominated MP, Aspiring Governor and Chairman The National Party, during the TNA Special National Delegates Convention held on September 8, 2016 at Kasarani Indoor Arena.

“Honorable delegates, today I have the bittersweet privilege to address you all for the last time as your national chairman.

Almost five years ago, I stood before you all, before the entire nation at a similar gathering on the 20th of May 2012, under the symbolic gazing eye of our founding father Jomo Kenyatta at the KICC. On that day, the hopes of a nation were revived as we launched one of the greatest party that this country has ever seen; TNA – The National Alliance.
It was a day filled with pomp and pageantry, style and colour as Kenyans from all walks of life, Kenyans from all faiths, came together to affirm their belief in the promise of a better tomorrow.

We believed that against all odds our country needed to move beyond the poison of past politics to the promise of the path to prosperity. From the excruciating emptiness of ethnicity to the triumph of true togetherness. We believed that together we could rise again and usher in a new era in our country.

And the journey began, We traversed the country, Ndhiwa in Homabay to Wamagana in Tetu, from Lokwar Nakuse in Turkana to Isebania in Kuria, we sold our dream.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who believed in this dream. I’d like to specially recognize some of our fallen comrades who believed and dreamt with us – The Late Hon. Muchai of Kabete, The late Hon. Jose of Gatundu, The late Hon. Kamakia of Ngobit Ward and The Late Hon. George Nyoike of Oloolua, who fell by the wayside. I pray that they are smiling down on us from heaven proud that we still believe.

Many of you will remember our first by elections in Kangema and Kajiado, when we first tasted victory, and the entire country took note of the new kid in the block. I am personally grateful that you stood by our President Uhuru Kenyatta and that you stood by me as your National Chairman. When many doubted that such a young man, then at 27 could lead a party anywhere, you believed. I was motivated by the words of Paul to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12, that ………… I was guided by the words of Max De Pree when he said “the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality, the last is to say thank you, in between the leader is a servant.” Today I say thank you and that I’m eternally grateful for the honor to lead. You owned this dream even before we unveiled it to the world; you believed.

When the sceptics said that certain communities can not lead this country, we believed that Kenyans were looking at the content of the character of their next president and not the structure of his DNA or ethnicity. We believed.

When our detractors told us to keep our prayers within the privacy of our bedrooms and not in prayer rallies and meetings – we believed in the power of the Almighty and we responded with resounding chants of “sio uchawi ni maombi”. We believed.

When the world called us suspects and told us choices have consequences, we believed in the beauty of our dreams and the greatness of our country Kenya. When they said that we would be a pariah state by electing Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto little did they know that Barack Obama and His holiness the Pope would soon be trooping to this great land; reaffirming the belief that Kenyans had in their leadership and signaling that they too believed. We believed.

My fellow delegates , you believed. That Even at the darkest moments, when even our candidate was encumbered by naysayers and prophets of doom; when the rain of skeptism and the storm of disbelief threatened to extinguish the embers of our hopes and led him to temporarily seek to defer his dream YOU gathered at the Multimedia University and reminded him that you believe. We believed.

It became a journey of pain and joy, sweat and tears – you mobilized your families, your neighbors, your friends and foes alike around a movement that you believed in; we run the greatest campaign this country has ever seen. Not fueled by money, glitz or glamour but fueled by your hope and faith. You made sacrifices for which we are forever indebted; you moved beyond your comfort zone. We won because you believed.

Our victory signaled a new era for this country. We reignited the hopes of a new generation of Kenyans; and reincarnated the spirit of our founding fathers. We reminded the youth of our country, the trustees of Kenya’s posterity that they too can lead. That they needed to be defined by more than just an over quoted statistic but by success and opportunities. We lived true to our promise that we would not be a party that only sought those with millions of shillings in their accounts but those with millions of ideas in their minds. This is why we were able to get the highest number of young Kenyans elected into office. This is why we were able to get more than half of all the women elected as members of parliament in single member constituencies. From Esther Gathogo, to Cecily Mbarire, from the indomitable Naomi Shabaan to the first ever elected Maasai Woman Peris Tobiko – our Mama Simba Esther Murugis and the famous Alices – wahome and Ngang’a. We did it because you believed.

And today, we stand here together; to make history, to usher our country’s politics to the next level and to reaffirm that we still believe.

We still believe that we can continue on the path of prosperity and transformation even as we unite our people. That the beauty of our country lies in the diversity of its citizens. That no matter where we are from, no matter what we do, we still believe that every Kenyan wants the same thing – to go about their lives peacefully, to make something out of themselves and to guarantee their children a future.

WE still believe that power must remain in the hands of the people, and that we shall not be bystanders in our own story.
My fellow delegates, this dream has never changed.”

The dream that began over 50 years ago when Jomo Kenyatta, Bildad Kaggia, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, my role model Thomas Joseph Mboya, among others, united against all odds to fight a colonial power and to deliver this country from the shackles of imperialism. It was their unity that birthed this great nation. They believed.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the second generation of a free kenya came together to fight against single party rule, and against all odds they ushered in a new era of multi party democracy. It is their unity that delivered their victory. The believed.

Even now as we consider the role that our generation must play, we realize that the dreams of the Muites and the Matibas, the dreams of those who fought for Multi Party Democracy were not to drive us into tribal cocoons in the name of multiple Political parties but to give us freedom to choose our leaders and to express our political convictions in a manner that unites rather than divides.

Their fight was never about driving us into a Luo party or a Kamba party, a kikuyu movement or a Luhya alliance, their dream was to usher us into political parties where a Maasai in Kilgoris and a Somali in Habaswein will find similar expression; into parties where a Giriama and a Turkana will focus on the issues that unite them rather than those that divide them. That Kenyans from different communites would be proud members of the same party not because of their tribal kingpins but because of their common issues. And that they would be free to express themselves within those parties without undue discrimination.

WE still believe that this should be the case today. WE believe so because we have seen a beautiful reality. That the hopes of the Kikuyu are not at all opposed to the dreams of the Luo; that the aspirations of the Luhya, do not negate the wishes of the Meru; that the pain that Mama Chelangat in Bomet feels when she can not feed her daughter is the same pain that Mama kamau in kigumo feels when she can not feed her son; that the same joy that Mama Jakoyo feels when her son passes his KCPE exam and gets placement in Lenana school is the same jubilation that Mama Duale feels when he also passes his exam in Garissa and joins Lenana; and that our politics should not seek to divide Jakoyo and Duale when they become best of friends in school yet they have spent time sharing experiences and expressing their dreams; we can not allow a type of politics that seeks to divide. This is why we are here today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is for this reason that we have purposed to move together into a party that gives life to our beliefs. Because we still believe. We have purposed to join other parties who also believe that for Kenya to move forward, for unity to be our marching anthem, we must come together. That the party of believers, the party of kusema na kutenda, will enter the mbus, new ford kenya, united democratic forum, tip tip, pnu, ford people, grand national union together with other partners and move into Jubilee Party. That we will put aside our personal political ambitions and agree to serve this country and coming generations.

For there is no higher calling. That the clarion call of Tuko Pamoja in Mombasa can be responded to by Khulialala in Bungoma, That twehamwe in Nyandarua can be echoed by Kititenebo in Narok, That Waislajirna in Mandera can cause Wankanyakla in Kondele and that that Wankanyakla in Kondele can bring about a resounding Kimi Kibagenge in Kericho and pamoja mzeiya in Dandora in Nairobi. Marshalling all Kenyans to join hands in one accord – Tuko Pamoja. That we will create a lasting legacy of a truly democratic party where nominations are free and fair and where every member has an equal opportunity to exist, vie and lead.

Finally, even as the curtains come down on The National Alliance a party that was driven by people who’s philosophy rang true to the words of Margaret Mead when she said ‘never doubt that a small group of thoughtful concerned citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever had’ let it be known, let it be remembered, let it be written and let it go down in history that a great party The National Alliance Existed; and that this great party paved the way for an even greater party Jubilee.

We still believe that our faith is unshakeable, we still believe that our march is unstoppable, and we still believe that our victory is inevitable.

God bless you, God bless Jubilee and God bless the Great Republic of Kenya
Tuko Pamoja.

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Had Kibaki Built Hospitals When He Was President

Kibaki left aboard a chartered flight that took off from Wilson airport. According to a source close to the Kibakis, the former president had been rushed to Karen Hospital on Saturday night from his Muthaiga home in Nairobi after he reportedly developed complications arising from his 2002 accident. In December 2002, Kibaki, the then Opposition presidential candidate was taken to the United Kingdom for treatment after he involved in an accident at the Machakos turnoff as his motorcade was coming from a campaign rally. He would be elected president later that year being sworn in as the country’s third president on December 30 2002. The former President Kibaki’s family confirmed he was flown to South Africa for specialised medical treatment, after being taken ill.
The statement explained he was accompanied by his doctor. “We expect him to return soon, and Kenyans will be informed of his progress as appropriate. We ask Kenyans to pray for him, and to respect the privacy of the family at this difficult time,” read the statement issued through the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit. “The family decided to rush him to hospital on Saturday night when he complained of pain in the joints. He had been well during the day but complained of fatigue,” explained the source confidentially. The source explained that the family, on the advice of doctors, decided to fly him out for further treatment. Our source also revealed that the former President has been going for routine check-ups fortnightly at the Karen hospital, which is owned by Dr Dan Gikonyo, his personal doctor. “It has been a routine for him to go for medical check-ups at the Karen hospital but yesterday’s (Saturday) was an emergency,” revealed the source. Earlier President Uhuru Kenyatta had visited the retired president Sunday morning at the Karen hospital. Close family members and friends were also at the hospital
Later sources said close family members including his children who had initially gone to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport but were recalled to Wilson accompanied him in the flight to South Africa.
When The Standard visited the Karen Hospital Sunday morning, there was heightened security with many plainclothes security officers and motorbike outriders. A security official at the hospital confirmed that Kibaki was admitted at the hospital. “He is here but we are under strict instructions from family members not to allow media in the hospital. We have been told that only State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu can talk about it,” he said. The former president was appointed special envoy by United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) in June. The appointment made him campaign for safe drinking water on the continent, as part of Unesco’s efforts to increase access to water for all.
Last month, while attending Africa Water Week in Tanzania, Kibaki called on African countries to implement water and sanitation projects to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6 on Water and Sanitation by 2030. “Water is a critical driver of economic progress as its availability would promote overall development and improve livelihood. It is sad that water situation in Africa is wanting and many people can’t access clean water and called for concrete and urgent steps and appealed to all stakeholders to make access to water and sanitation a reality,” Kibaki said. He added, ”Now is the time to address this challenge. Governments, civil society organisations and the overall population must take action. This calls for the strengthening of partnerships by all stakeholders, noting that no government can fully provide water for all its citizens, without including the private sector. Only then will Africa be free from the effect of lack of water.” The former president’s wife, Lucy, died in April at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London where she had been flown for specialised treatment. She was buried at their Othaya home in May. Kibaki served as Kenya’s President for two five-year terms, from 2002 to 2013, when he was succeeded by the incumbent.
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The Endorsement Brigade of Mudavadi & Wetangula

In 2013 the Kenya media, sponsored by Uhuru Kenyatta and Mwai Kibaki tricked Musalia Mudavadi into believing that he was the “chosen” one. This was before demons aka mademoni led Uhuru to endorse him… before withdrawing the endorsement. Mudavadi never attempted to campaign or created networks. His belief was that Uhuru and Kibaki was do that for him.

Fast forward 2016, Musalia and his brother in arms Wetangula are again just relaxing at home sipping coffee hoping that Raila will tosha them. They probably believe that all the running around Raila is doing is for them and they need not do a thing. And once Raila endorses them, they expect him to campaign for them. The only reason they give for the support is that Raila has lost twice and they have not, which to them, (f means that they are likely to win. Dont laugh….these people are serious presidential candidates.

Now that two cant even see that Kalonzo is also in the mix and he is second in command to Raila. It will take a miracle for Raila to bypass Kalonzo and endorse them. But more importantly, it will take double miracles for Raila to quit the race in favor of anyone. So these fellas as basically big dreamers.

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Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Fiorina, Gilmore, Graham, Huckabee,

Jindal, Kasich, Pataki, Paul, Perry, Rubio, Santorum, Walker, Trump

All were GOP candidates and all were aspiring to be president of the USA. All were floored in the primaries save for one individual.

Many of them had no chance in hell of making it yet the jumped in the race.

Do you remember Paul Muite, Musalia Mudavadi, Peter Kenneth, Dida, Ole Kiyapi?  Probably not. But they were presidential candidates in 2013.

This is where Miguna finds himself.

A person most likely to come last in the race inspite of being bankrolled by Jubilee. But one who feels he has to contest…if at all he does not chicken out the way he did in 2013.

The below article by KENYA TODAY bloggers describes Miguna fairly well.


Nyando-born controversial author Miguna Miguna has declared he will contest the 2017 Nairobi gubernatorial seat and it is no big news because he will lose. He is a fringe candidate running to save his little self from his bloated self.

Miguna will lose because his political future is behind him, figuratively, and nothing can happen to reclaim it. He lost it the moment he bolted out of ODM’s high command and went unleashing terror on his former boss Raila Odinga.

In between, he endorsed Uhuru and Ruto at a time the two were suspects of mass crimes.

That alone torpedoes any claim by Miguna that he stands for integrity. Integrity has subtexts; like moral probity and personal judgement. Even more, when he was furiously marketing his scandalous book, Peeling Back the Mask, Miguna turned to Jeff Koinange, a controversial TV personality who had been sacked from CNN for sexual indiscretions, or so legend has it.

Thereafter, he was briefly retained by Jubilee to give Uhuru’s 2013 fraudulent win a veneer of respectability. During this whole time, his attacks on Raila Odinga went beyond accepted confines of political takedowns. He went personal; and at his lowest descended on Raila’s children.

Like with all Raila bashing lightweights in the Kenyan political scene; he attained stratospheric notoriety. A particular section of the press loved him, cheered him on and allowed him to operate on a no-accountability zone. He still wallows up there.

Raila Odinga may have forgiven Miguna, as that is his nature; but Raila supporters, and followers, whom Miguna would have banked on for the coming election, still look at Miguna as an irrelevant irritant who showed no political courtesy when it was needed most.

Miguna is a thankless human being. Human nature values trust and loyalty. Miguna, on the other hand, can neither be trusted nor is he loyal (to anyone). He is abrasive. He is loud and most sanctimoniously, he is given to fallacious imaginations.

Miguna only attends one show – Jeff Koinange Live – and the pattern of his appearance even on that show often coincides with a massive Jubilee scandal that needs a media cover-up or distraction. Since 2013, Miguna has offered the best sideshows. He often makes wild allegations without a shred of evidence. His diatribes on other political leaders – particularly Raila Odinga, and lately DP William Ruto, border on vendetta.

The seat he wants to occupy, governor of Nairobi, needs a steady hand. He is not. Miguna is unpredictable. Worse, he has the temperament of a fool. If Governor Kidero slapped Rachel Shebesh, Miguna would have shot her dead in the same circumstances.

Miguna’s contribution to Kenya’s democratisation started late and ended abruptly, under a cloud of self-entitlement and personal ego aggrandizement. When he failed to appreciate the compromises and tradeoffs that pro-reform leaders like Raila Odinga had to make to steady the ship in a tumultuous grand coalition arrangement, Miguna showed lack of political grit that would have propelled him to the next level if he nursed personal ambitions beyond being a court jester.

Miguna is not courageous. He is foolhardy. He has this Trumpian mentality (best Kenyan version of Donald Trump) that he, alone, can do it. Methinks he is a psycho. He overestimates himself in most political equations; and has put a larger than life image of himself as being consequential to the grander scheme of things. Of course he isn’t.

On management, Miguna has no history on that front, yet part of the crisis of governance in Nairobi is how to manage the limited resources of the city.

The last time Miguna ever made a human resource decision is when he fired his househelp. The poor woman had accused him of attempted rape.

His often repeated assertion that he can fight graft is purely academic. Neither is he scandal free. His two books are believed to have been bankrolled by then National Security Intelligence Service (now NIS) so is his home in Karen.

Nothing much is known of how he operated while he served as the Coalition Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister. He lists no one in his two books. No one knows who else he worked with, how he related with such people as colleagues and what his office looked like.

Miguna is uniquely unqualified to be governor of Nairobi. Bad at teamwork, worse at delegation and worst at interpersonal relationships. It will take zombies and robots to work under ‘H.E Miguna Miguna’.

As a retrograde he may be tenacious, and place his name on the ballot, thanks to gigantic ego,  but soon this political novice will realize time doesn’t tame everything.


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