“Those who killed this young man will not have peace”

That is Ruto speaking at the funeral and pointing at the body of Police Officer Kenei whom he is suspected of having killed. That is guts so I give Ruto credit for that.

Basically Ruto is saying that those whole killed Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei are his enemies who work for the system (Uhuru and the DCI). Really?

Basically Ruto is saying the DCI and of course the president of Kenya, Uhuru himself are responsible for this horrific murder and even the fake arms plan.

Listening to this speech tells me that yes indeed “Those who killed this young man will not have peace” We can see how Ruto is not at peace in that speech.

Ruto is speaking like a very haunted and bitter man. Imagine this guy was your president even for just one day.

Here is Ruto’s speech that Kenyans will remember for decades to come.

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From Kumi Tena To ICC Tena. This Is Turning Into Ruto’s Worst Nightmare. This Time He is Alone. Good Luck.

According to DCI chief George Kinoti Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei “powerful individuals murdered Kenei”

In fact the DCI chief goes on to say that “We have identified the persons of interest and that will be the focus of our investigation going forward”

Talking about possible murderers of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei DCI boss says:

“One of them was in communication with the deceased on the day former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa visited Harambee House Annex”

Kinoti firmly asserts that Kenei was eliminated to:

“safeguard, protect, insulate and save powerful figures” who Kinoti says were “the source of the fake military arms deal”

This is exactly what I thought when I put my first piece on this yesterday. This is becoming very bad news for DP Ruto.

Here is today’s dossier which came from an interview the DCI boss did with Star after his press conference yesterday.

Here is today’s piece.

DCI George Kinoti explaining how Kenei’s murder was carried out at DCI headquarters on March 5, 2020.


This is what makes the DCI trajectory on this investigation frightening for Ruto

One, the DP office edited the CCTV that they provided to the DCI team and it turned out that the version they provided had carefully cut out anything to do with Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. The DP office erased any images of the officer from the CCTV.

Why did they do this. That leads to my second question.

Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei met the crooks at the back door when they were trying to go to Ruto’s office. The Sergeant then made a phone call on his cell and handed over the phone to the so called “general” who was part of the cartel team.

After that phone conversation the crooks were promptly let into Ruto’s office to do their thieving business. They were all over the place at the Harambee Annex.

I mean this is a gang of thieves doing business in the office of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, Harambee Annex, which is only second to State House.

Imagine this kind of stuff was happening at State House.

And you commit crimes there? I don’t think so. You should not and if you do, you may have a few questions to answer to the citizens of the republic.

Kenya is a nation of people, not leaders. Don’t forget that.

The question Kinoti is trying to answer is who did DP security guy call? Was it the DP, Ruto himself or one of his confidants.

Whoever it was the person in charge of the cartel operations going on that day was on the phone with Kenei from the evidence so far.

Third issue is who edited the CCTV video to eliminate the evidence of Sergeant Kenei making a phone call and handing over the phone to one of the crooks to talk to whoever was on the other end of the line.

This is where the nightmare for Ruto begins.

Everybody knows you cannot edit the CCTV evidence of criminal activities in the D.P’s office without orders and even direct supervision from above.

Did Ruto authorize or even directly participate in the editing of the video which amounts to tampering with evidence and cover up?

Of course that is a crime by itself.

Of course this was a cover up but for whose benefit. Was it for the benefit of the D.P.

Then the bomb goes off.

Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei is murdered in a brutal professional killing just before he is supposed to make a statement at the DCI.

Now here is the big question:

Could it be that the same people who edited Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei out of the CCTV are the ones who carried his gruesome murder. It looks very likely.

In a way it seems it is Ruto’s hazardous actions that are providing the best clues in this investigation.

Now here is the issue.

If the DCI are able to reconstruct the phone calls from Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei cell phone and determine who the caller was they are not going to tell the public about who it was.

They will summon that person for questioning and they will ask him: Did you have a talk with Kenei on the phone on this date.

If you lie and say no you are dead. If you are scared and say yes, you are dead too.

Being between a rock and hard shit never looked this bad.

That is where we are.

Even worse, the family of Sergeant Kenei are involved in trying to find justice for their family.

That is something that resonates with Kenyans regardless of political affiliations.

And the young man’s funeral is coming soon.

Will Ruto go there and face the wrath of the citizens or he will just twitter about it as “desperate propaganda”.

He will have to choose his pick. Hot is hot. And this is hot. It is what it is. No doubt about that.

Kenei's father John Chesang
Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei's family and friends


At least Ruto made it to the funeral of Kenei whom he is suspected of killing and Ruto turned the funeral into a political rally for himself and a war against the DCI and investigators of Kenei murder and the 40 billion scam..

There should be limits to shamelessness. But with Ruto No. When you are already in heaven like Ruto thinks he is, why should you care.

Burying someone you are accused of killing is tough but Ruto just unravels here.



Deputy President William Ruto interacting with Sisters of Maria Immaculata Education centre during the celebration of Holy Mass at the school's ground, Kiamumbi, Kahawa West, Kiambu county.


“Kenei was killed to scare me” So Ruto knows who killed Sergeant Kenei. Why not go the DCI and give them the information.

And then there was the Rambo in Muranga by adult politician children in front of bewildered and traumatized school kids in their school uniforms.

For Heaven’s sake. Oh my.

This is going on very well.

Isn’t it?

Chaos rock DP William Ruto in Murang'a,/SCREENGRAB


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D.P Ruto ranted this was a desperate propaganda by his enemies. Now we have a “cold blooded murder” in our hands. What gives?

DCI George Kinoti explaining how Kenei’s murder was carried out at DCI headquarters on March 5 2020/ MERCY MUMO


This case of criminals and people DP Ruto now calls crooks is taking very disturbing turns.

As of now the Kenyan Criminal Investigative authority is saying the police officer who welcomed Echesa and his criminal gang to Harambee House Annex, which is the office of Kenya’s Deputy President through the back door was murdered a few days later before he could go and give a statement at DCI offices.

The more frightening thing is that this young police officer who was on guard at the DP’s office when the thieves arrived was on security CCTV video at the DP’s office when he met the con men and made a phone call before ushering these criminals into the DP’s office. Who the heck was he calling.

Even worse when the DCI came to the DP’s office to get the CCTV videos to find out what happened they were given a fake video which had been edited.

What was the purpose of the editing. From the evidence presented by DCI the purpose of this editing was to erase any images of the officer, Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei doing anything with these crooks who were allowed into the DP’s office.

The first question is why would anybody want to tamper with a government security CCTV record and evidence which had captured criminal activities at the DP’s office? That in itself is a criminal offence.

You cannot tamper with records and evidence of criminal activities. That CCTV information belongs to the DCI who would investigate anything and everything including if anybody entered the D.P’s office in order to harm the D.P.

In fact the D.P should be the first to ask the DCI to sort this out and find out who are these people engaging in criminal activities at his office

Why erase the police officer from the video and then hand over the fake video to the DCI. What are you trying to cover up?

Then things get really stormy. Those who erased Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei from the CCTV video were not done yet.

Their next mission was to erase Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei from the surface of the earth altogether.

This according to the DCI was done by carrying out the “cold blooded murder” of the police officer in one of the cruelest murder operations that reminds you of Mafia killings. It was done in strict and minute details. Chilling.

His body with a bullet having gone from his chin through his dead was found in his room and the gun found on his chest and of course there were alleged suicide notes.

In the erasing department the killers did not forget to go through his cell phone and erase all sorts of date including his social media postings.

Money was sent to his father and now widowed wife from his phone which was intended to cement the hope of the killers that this would indicate that the officer decided to do something for his family before killing himself.

From all these it is obvious that Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei had some information that some very important people decided cannot be allowed to reach the DCI. He had to go.

And now it looks like they pulled it off but with forensic technology out there somebody’s ass may end up on fire.

The DCI managed to reconstruct the false CCTV video they got from Ruto and now they have the real thing.

The DCI has the officer’s phone. With current forensic technology and working with the phone companies DCI may very well reconstruct the deleted phone data.

For sure they are going to get the phone numbers Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei called and much more.

This could just be the beginning.

The one thing everybody has to remember is that when DCI gives this kind of information to the public, they know a whole lot more than they are telling you.

And here is D.P Ruto now saying “crooks entering his office was a breach of security”

We all thought this was desperate propaganda. No? We will find out.

This is Ruto now:

Deputy President William Ruto during a church empowerment programme at Tunyai Parish Catholic Church, Chiakariga Tharaka-Nithi County on February 22, 2020.


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The Captain is in the house. Oh Dear.

Kenyan football Captain Victor Wanyama joined the Montreal soccer team here in Canada.

I live in Toronto and love Toronto FC which won an MLS championship two years ago.


I really love the Toronto team and my son and his buddies and relatives we go to watch the games.

And Toronto is a city of champions in sports. The Toronto raptors won the NBA championship last year 2019 under the leadership of the beloved Masai Ujuri and a first year coach Nick Nurse. Just amazing stuff.

I am not kidding. Here it is.


But today is about Victor who has gone to Montreal to play football. Great.

Montreal is one of my favourite cities in Canada.

I am going to go watch the captain play. Coming soon.

I go to Montreal every year for the Jazz Festival in summer. The best in North America.

Now I am going to see our captain and my son loves him. It is going to be fun. That I can promise. No doubt.

I hope we brought the captain to Toronto but we cant. He is a designated player in MLS. MLS teams can only have one or two of those because you have to pay them very high.

Toronto already have those kinds of players and they can’t sign anymore.

But we are going to be with the Captain. Bring it on cap. We are with you here in Canada.

Don’t forget World Cup 2022. Take the nation there. Will you. Please!

Welcome Home.


And of course it was the indomitable Thierry Henry, one of the best footballers ever who brought Wanyama to Montreal Impact where Thierry is now a coach.


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Gangsters V Hustlers.

Raila made Ruro mad again. What else is new. But Raila was talking about Nginyo Kariuki as a real hustler who made his money through hard work as opposed opposed to gangsters who have robbed the country their entire lives to be super rich and now call themselves hustlers.

ODM leader Raila Odinga with the late businessman and TNA founder Lawrence Nginyo Kariuki.


As expected, our perpetually angry thief (hustler) was pissed. Ruto claims Raila is insulting hustlers like boda boda riders etc.

Deputy President William Ruto. /FILE


Now here is the deal.

Ruto should launch a national hustler plan for Kenya youth. Get the millions of Kenyan youth struggling to survive for an organization like Ruto did.

Tell the millions of young Kenyans to form Youth Kenya (YK) 22 like Ruto did with YK 92.

Then let them do what Ruto did. Rob the country blind as a youth group supporting the president. Let the youth print fake Kenyan currency like Ruto and Jirongo did.

Let the kids murder and torture people like Ruto and Jirongo group did. And let them rob the country for the next forty years like Ruto has done since he left college and have never worked for a day in his life.

Since Ruto will be the president he can help our youth achieve this easily the way Moi helped him. Wouldn’t that be grand. May be Ruto doesn’t know this already but his record of theft and gangster activities is going to be on the ballot box.

YK 92 was the first genuine terrorist and gangster political organization in our country ever. We are going to have that discussion.

The Kenyan youth hustling as boda boda riders are not in the terrorist industry as Ruto was right after college and since. If Ruto wants to do that he is welcome and he can campaign on that as his agenda as a super hustler.

Kenyans know Ruto and they are going to vote on that basis. It is not a miracle.

The funny part is that as Ruto keeps investing in heaven with his stolen money he is buying acres of real estate in hell by his actions.

I am going to have a chat with him when we meet there. I hope Raila doesn’t join us there because that will drive Ruto completely crazy. I will advise for a handshake. Wish me luck.

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