Black Panther Movie Premieres Kisumu City

This is a marvelous job by the producers taking this movie’s premiere in Africa in Kenya’s Kisumu city.

Someone called me about this yesterday and I was asking if this is a big deal. She said it is great for movie lovers and for the city of Kisumu. It puts the city in the international eyeball.

She told me the Black Panther movie has grossed the highest ticket booking pre-launch pretty much in the world. I will have to check that out. She also said this is how small cities like Kisumu get international attention because for beginners when movies like this are launched you have prime level media coverage in the entertainment world.

Here we go.

Lupita Nyong’o honoured in absence as Marvel’s Black Panther makes its African premiere in Kenya

And it looks like the Kisumu folks liked what they saw.

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Kidnapping And Forceful Expulsion of Miguna from Kenya

Kenyan Lawyer, a political leader and human rights activist Miguna Miguna has been in the news for everything that makes our country a terrifying place for all its citizens.

On February 6, 2018 after showing full contempt for Court Orders regarding Miguna for five days the increasingly autocratic Uhuru regime forcefully expelled him from his country of birth.

Here are the words of Fred Matiang’i the Interior Cabinet Secretary.

“Miguna Miguna who is not a citizen of Kenya whose presence in Kenya is contrary to national interest be removed from Kenya to his country of origin Canada”

The government of Kenya called this illegal forceful expulsion an act of deportation to “his country of origin”. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so sick and sad.

I know Uhuru is going crazy at State House and Matiang’i cannot believe the courage and steadfast character of Miguna but how do you deport somebody from his country of birth to another country.

I have never heard of anything like that in my long life.

We have seen all sorts of cleansing of populations and all sorts of injustices but in the scale of sheer madness where on earth do you place the concept of a person being cleansed from their own country.

Miguna was born in Kenya in 1963 in Kisumu. Both his parents are Kenyan citizens. Miguna is simply a Kenyan citizen by birth. No ifs and no buts.

Under Article 16 of the Kenyan constitution a Kenyan by birth even if a dual citizen can never lose their citizenship.

Only foreigners who acquire Kenyan citizenship by registration may lose their citizenship and even then the constitution has very clear guidelines as to the conditions under which that may happen including being convicted for serious criminal offenses and sentenced to certain jail terms.

Uhuru knows the law, Matiang’i knows the law but in this case the laws be damned as the autocrats make their own laws and bumble from chaos to chaos.

The right to citizenship is one of the basic commandments of human existence and co-existence. If you don’t have a country you pretty much have nothing. I know what it means to be stateless.

Now to take Miguna’s  country away from him and bundle him into a plane with two commando officers to take him to  Canada you are trying to rob him of everything. Country and dignity. It will not happen.

Everybody who has not been under a rock somewhere knows exactly why Miguna was arrested on February 1, 2018. It had nothing to do with his citizenship.

As the government struggled to find something or anything to charge Miguna with they kept manufacturing one lie after the other and keeping Miguna detained incommunicado which is illegal under Kenyan laws.

As Court Orders piled up demanding Miguna’s release Uhuru and his posse run out of excuses and now Judge Luka Kimaru gave a final Court Order that Miguna be produced in his court at 11.a.m February 7, 2018.

The shit hit the fan. What to do now. Then someone hit the jackpot. Let’s “deport” (expel) this guy to Canada and manufacture more lies and excuses and just muddle through hoping we get over this. Brilliant?

May be not because now Uhuru and his posse have a real nightmare in front of them. I will come to that shortly.

Now they have come up with a new claim that Miguna obtained a Kenyan passport unlawfully in 2009 because he did not declare that he was a Canadian citizen at that time. They forgot one thing. The passport does not bestow citizenship on any Kenyan born in the country.

If you have a problem with the passport you can deal with it but you cannot take away anybody’s citizenship because you have problems with their passport. This is manufactured lies.

Millions of Kenyans do not have passports. Should they be deported somewhere.
But first let’s look at the circumstances that has brought us to this sad set of events.

First the violent invasion of Miguna’s home yielded zero in terms of anything to charge Miguna with.

Now Uhuru is stuck with Miguna whose house he has destroyed and also seized his property. So the lies and invention of charges department gets to work. Nothing doing because the judges are not buying their crap.

Second the prospect of releasing Miguna as ordered by courts looks like a complete defeat of Uhuru by the defiant Miguna and NASA.

Despots can never even contemplate something like that happening. So look, look and cook something Uhuru demands from his little cranky puppets.

Last the idea of Miguna going back to his destroyed house and bringing the entire terrorist activities of Uhuru against him to light was just unthinkable.

The glaring impotence of the Uhuru despotic behaviour is they had Miguna in police cells at the court for aiding and abetting treason and the person who allegedly committed this act of treason, Raila Amolo Odinga is sitting freely in the same court.

If you want to be a dictator at least you need to know what you are doing or you just look like a foolish criminal. That is bad and that is what we have in Kenya today.

So there now we have the expulsion and it brings a ton of problems for Uhuru as follows.

1. Kidnapping and expelling a Kenyan citizen after destroying and seizing his property is an international criminal offense which Miguna can sue the Uhuru government for from wherever he is and the rest of Kenyans will be fighting it on the ground in Kenya. How does this help the dictatorship? It doesn’t.

2. There is an outstanding Court Order to release Miguna to the court and as we speak Miguna’s lawyers are still in court going on with the matter. Where that ends we don’t know yet but how does this help Uhuru.

3. The expulsion of Miguna opens a new set of frontiers on the battle to remove the dictators trying to destroy our country. In any battle when your enemies are in front you don’t give them a chance to open another frontier of battle behind you unless you are suicidal.

Now Uhuru has given us a new frontier.

The international frontier which Uhuru with his criminal activities against Kenyan patriots and democrats has opened will have very many streams.

The first is to involve the Canadian government starting with the Canada’s Minister for Immigration and Citizenship to condemn and seek redress for the criminal activities against a Kenyan with a dual citizenship of Canada.

Miguna’s home has been vandalized and his property seized. That has to be addressed upfront.

The Kenyan government has been trying to claim that Canada was complicit in the kidnapping and expulsion of Miguna. That is a lie that will be debunked publicly.

Canada can never ask another country to forcefully expel their own citizen with the help of Canada. That would make Canada part of the crime and it is manufactured nonsense by Uhuru.

The other frontier in Canada is to fight to get the Kenyan envoy expelled from this country. We have done that before when Kenyan human rights fighters forced Moi to recall then Kenyan ambassador to Canada Mr. Nyamweya.

We were demonstrating to protest human rights in Kenya and the Kenyan Embassy and Moi went nuts.

We are heading to that Embassy again within weeks and this time the issues are even more deadly because we are dealing with international crimes being committed by Uhuru.

These demos are going to spread across Europe and North America. Uhuru should ask Moi how deadly that is.

We are going to ask the Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau to take a firm stand against the terrorism of Uhuru’s government against Kenyan citizens.

We will strive to extend that battle to other countries. Miguna was involved in that battle for decades and he knows the network very well.

4.The crimes against Miguna has to be taken to International Justice Sytems through the UN and other bodies including Amnesty International which is very active here in Toronto. We need to take the issue of kidnapping and expulsion to the UNHRC and deal with is there.

We also need to look into how to involve the International Criminal Court (ICC). Remember them. First the expulsion issue itself is a crime against humanity. More deadly for Uhuru and his thugs is the fact that they have killed more than 300 people including children and toddlers. We have nursery school kids and little babies being gassed by teargas while sleeping in their own kindergarten. This happened a number of times.

Those are vicious crimes against humanity specifically because the Kenyan government has not attempted to bring to justice any of the state agents who committed these crimes.

In fact Uhuru offered his sound praise for State security agents as heroes for their actions during and after the elections.

In other words murdering Kenyans and their kids was a job well done. Uhuru must take full criminal responsibility for the mass killings which are still going on with a 14 year old killed in Kibera just a few days ago.

Let’s see what the ICC thinks about that and there is nobody better suited to take that battle to the ICC than Miguna Miguna. Very soon Uhuru will hoping he can deport Miguna back to Kenya.

My message to Uhuru is be very careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

In the meantime this is our next generation of very creative and brave national leaders. I really like this group and it seems NRM is shaping its agenda carefully. A lot of work to be done.

Adongo Ogony is a human rights activist who lives and works in Toronto.

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Free NRM General Miguna Miguna

Its sad that Kenya has come a full circle and that we are back to dictatorship, Moi/Jomo style. Infact its a combination of the two.

Uhuru Kenyatta has decided to show our weak court the middle finger and has ordered the police to keep detaining Miguna.

What happening in Migunas case is just pure madness. It cant happen in a society governed by law.

BOINETT has been ordered to appear in court tomorrow but rest assured that he wont show up. These are thugs running the government.

@Adongo, I know that Miguna is also a Canadian citizen, what can you people over there in Canada do to push the embassy in Kenya to say something. At least release a statement on Miguna. Its disturbing that no one knows where Miguna is at the moment.

Moi boys are back in action….

Which means that we must act too…

OBS! Its some 24 yr old magistrate who signed for Migunas arrest in the middle of the night

Paralyzed Media in a Paralyzed Country

By Adongo Ogony

The events in our country in the last few days have been beyond insanity by the Uhuru government.

After issuing countless threats to NASA leaders to avoid swearing in Raila Odinga as president promising to arrest him and get him hanged the Swearing in came in January 30, 2018. It is an event that will be etched in our collective consciousness for generations to come.

What this will lead to we do not know. The cynics are doing what they do best. They think this was nonsense which will lead nowhere. Unfortunately for them some of us do not have the luxury of cynicism. We live in the here and now.

What has happened so far is that President Uhuru seems to have lost his mind. I know saying something like that can get my house bombed. If Uhuru is going to order his cops to bomb the houses of everybody who can’t stand Uhuru like they did with Miguna Miguna, very soon Uhuru may run out of bombs.

We are many as was seen in Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018. The government might have to designate all the tax money they collect to stocking up on weapons to destroy the NASA supporters. That is no easy task so good luck with that.

On January 30, 2018 Uhuru’s government stormed in media houses and switched off some of the biggest news providers in the country including NTV.
For the last few days some of the biggest names in Kenyan media namely, Larry Madowo, Linus Kaikai and Ken Mijunga have reportedly been hankering in the toilet at Nation House to avoid being arrested mainly for doing their job.

The media houses have hardly or meekly raised their concerns with the government. If this was the Moi era in the 1990’s the media would be screaming bloody murder. But it seems Uhuru gets a pass. I wonder why.

It is astonishing that the media houses have not even gone to court to get their TV outlets freed from the clutches of the state. Activist Okiya Omtatah is the one who had the guts to take the matter to court while the media seems to be enjoying being shut off by Uhuru. It is really absurd.

Omtatah who got a court order to re-open the networks was stopped from delivering the court order by the new gestapo in town and of course Uhuru’s government is very comfortable showing complete contempt for the court orders.

Are they going to start arresting judges who issue these court orders?
Watching the pictures of the destruction of Miguna’s house it looks true that the police commandos bombed their way in to house and was just tearing the place apart. That is an act of terrorism. There is no other way to define it even to those who are blind to the need for justice in our country.

Now the police boss is saying Miguna Miguna called himself the General of an outlawed organization (NRM) and they had to arrest him. That is complete rubbish. What Miguna said or did not say is irrelevant. What matters is what the cops found in Miguna’s home.

Did they find army tanks and weapons that Miguna was piling up for war against the state? No they didn’t. That is what counts in a court of law if we will still have them after Uhuru is finished with his moment of pure madness.

As we speak the Kenya government owes Kenyans who survived the Moi abuses something close to Kshs1 billion. They are struggling to pay it. I am personally one of those victims still waiting to be paid after winning my case in 2014.
Now with the new wave of gross violations of human rights the Kenyan taxpayer will be in for another Kshs 1 billion to the victims. The state abuses people and we pay.

But that is nothing compared to those who are getting killed outright. Today we have a report about a 14 year old shot by police in Kibera and that is on top of hundreds already killed since August 8, 2018.

What we saw on January 30, 2018 is that when Kenyans are left alone they can hold peaceful rallies and protests and then just go home.

My real fear is that with the recklessness going on and politicians security being compromised right, left and centre very soon one of them is going to get killed and what may follow after that is unthinkable. We are playing with fire near a tank full gasoline. That never ends well.

I saw an editorial from the Daily Nation entitled “Stop humiliation of opposition leaders”. The editorial is about oppositions leaders state provided security and personal licensed guns being taken away by the state. This is not a simple act of humiliation. This is dangerous abuse of the rights of Kenyans who are by law provided with security. Let’s call a spade a spade for once.

If any of these politicians whose security is being compromised get shot even by thugs we can easily set the country aflame. Even stupidity has limits if you still want to function. Let’s stop playing around with the lives of Kenyans even if some are perceived to be from enemy tribes or communities. Kenyans all pay taxes.
Let me leave with the following awakening words of Pastor Martin Niemoller

o First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the Trade Unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Trade Unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me.
That in a nutshell is where Kenya is right now. So speak out wherever you are even in the media. Please. It is for your own survival.

Adongo Ogony is a human rights activist.

Dialogue and national unity government- What a waste of precious time

We have said it before that Jubilee is not for dialogue and dialogue is just one way of extending a useless debate about electoral reforms for another five years and getting no results. Just like in the past years. We must have another approach for people are getting disillusioned.  The ambassadors of doom have cornered NASA leaders totally and are basically dictating what is to be done. If NASA wants to dislodge Uhuru they must do it with reference to the people of Kenya only not embassies and ambassadors.


The push by the United States and Israeli governments for President Uhuru Kenyatta to form a government of national unity has met resistance. This was supposed to calm the political noise and ensure unity among Kenyans but it has not been well received by both sides of the political divide. ALSO READ: Changes could positively impact war on corruption The two foreign governments as well as the European Union have been pressuring opposition chief Raila Odinga and his running mate in the presidential election, Kalonzo Musyoka, to drop their bid to be sworn in as the people’s president and deputy respectively. On Monday, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec met Leader of Minority in the National Assembly John Mbadi and his Senate counterpart, Moses Wetang’ula, to try to persuade them not to support the idea of swearing in Raila and Kalonzo.
Godec called for national dialogue that would culminate in inclusivity and strengthening of independent institutions. Remains committed “As we have indicated, the US is of the view that there is need for a national conversation on how to strengthen institutions, address the question of inclusivity, the question on governance and how to deal with corruption. US remains strongly committed to national dialogue in Kenya,” the ambassador said. Godec told Mbadi and Wetang’ula that it was impossible to have another election in 90 days, as demanded by the Opposition. The envoy was also against the swearing-in of Raila as the people’s president.
The Opposition has announced that Raila will be sworn in on January 30, a move Godec said could push the country to the brink of political anarchy. “We are unaware of the push by the US and Israel for a government of national unity. The push by US and EU for Raila to stop the swearing-in plan is in the public domain and isn’t in good faith. None of the affiliates of NASA wants to be part of Jubilee, a monster we have denounced. We are for substantive changes to achieve fundamental electoral justice for the posterity of Kenyans,” Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi’s spokesman, Kibisu Kabatesi, said. ALSO READ: For ‘big four’ to succeed, Uhuru should not be prisoner of interests But Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju and Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja denied knowledge of the US-Israeli governments’ push to form a coalition government in the interest of the country.
National dialogue In separate interviews, the Jubilee leaders instead hit back at the Opposition, accusing it of trying to use threats of Raila’s swearing-in to coerce them into accepting national dialogue. “This idea of swearing in Raila is being used to scare Jubilee and must come to an end.
If Raila wants to swear himself in, he can go ahead. There is only one way to become president in Kenya and Uhuru is the legitimately elected president,” said Sakaja. Tuju dismissed calls for dialogue as ‘a waste of time’ when the country was supposed to be discussing development. “Did Donald Trump have dialogue with Hillary Clinton on the way forward for the United States after their elections? And is Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o having dialogue with Jack Ranguma on how to run Kisumu? That is my answer to the calls,” said Tuju. Sources in the National Super Alliance (NASA) told The Standard that although the US and Israel have been pushing for the formation of a government of national unity, there have been no talks between President Uhuru and Raila.
“It is in the public domain that the US and the Israeli governments want Kenya to have a government of national unity. But as far as we are concerned, such talks with the opposition leader have not taken place,” said a source who requested anonymity. The source added that there have been proposals from NASA to have the system of governance changed from presidential, where the winner takes it all, to a parliamentary or hybrid one.
The source from Raila’s office further alleged that Jubilee has been sending emissaries to to try to persuade him to drop his swearing-in bid and allow Kenya to move forward, but that the opposition leader has remained non-committal. It is understood that this fresh push could have led Uhuru to suspend naming his full Cabinet as he explores other options. But both Wetang’ula and Mbadi said NASA was not keen on joining President Uhuru’s administration. “We discussed inclusivity in terms of what we have been talking about – two communities holding all government positions.
Forming a coalition government is not an option to us to the extent that we have never talked about it. It has never been an item on our agenda,” said Wetang’ula. Registered voters Mbadi said that agreeing to work with Uhuru would be akin to legitimising ‘an illegal administration’ that he claimed did not draw its mandate from the majority of registered voters. “We are not interested in joining Uhuru and Ruto in forming a government. We cannot be part of an illegitimately elected administration,” said Mbadi.
But the Opposition has insisted that should there be no dialogue, it would proceed to swear in Raila on January 30 as the people’s president. “We have indicated more than once that we are ready to engage our colleagues on electoral reforms, matters of protecting constitutional institutions, such as the Judiciary, the Auditor General’s offices, and strengthening Parliament so that it is not used to rubber-stamp the Executive’s decisions,” said Wetang’ula.
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We have a ton of battle in our hands


We have a ton of battle in our hands. Personally I think I will be heading back home again in January to handle a few things and see with my own eyes where we are taking the country.

Luckily for me I finally won my case against the government for torture in Nyayo House torture chambers so I need to go home to fix things with my family.

I won this case back in 2014 and it took forever fighting with Uhuru’s henchman Karanja Kibichio who is the PS in the Interior ministry to actually force them to pay.

I get mad when I see some cases being rejected because they are late and yet way back in 2003 we won a court case which declared that there is no time limit for abuse of human rights. That is why they are still prosecuting the Nazis.

But some Kenyan lawyers are just too lazy. If they did a little research they would find out that time limit issue has been ruled and there are numerous precedent cases to prove that.

I had a lawyer called Julius Juma who used to work wit Rachier and Amolo Advocates but now works on his own and he is a piece of work. Very good lawyer. Anybody with a human rights case should check him out.

So yea they will pay me some peanuts and I will use it to buy panadol to handle some PTSD problems. That would be marvelous won’t it? No I will use it to push my endless number of nephews through school. I screwed up going to jail when I was supposed to be paying school fees for their mothers, my younger sisters.

The sisters turned out to be pretty good business people but they insist it is my job to pay those crazy Kenyan college fees which doesn’t bother me because they are ones who have to face the little monsters when they demand college fees.

My mom was really concerned about that because she told me the only reason I went to college was to be able to pay school fees for the girls.

My father asked me if I even knew what I was doing picking a fight with Moi. I told him I knew exactly what I was doing. Then he said fine but I was going to pay a price for it and he told me that is going to be my problem not his.

Now back to earth. Oh sweet earth where we have Uhuru now as an illegitimate president. It is going to be tough as nails fighting these guys. They are very nasty and we are relentless. Show time starts next week on Tuesday. Folks are in good spirits and pretty ready to go.

In the meantime we have this bizarre situation where Uhuru is even rigging congratulatory greetings.

In the UK they are having a problem with Johnson. The Western countries including the crazy Trump guys are holding their cards. The Uhuru murder spree has spooked a lot of people out here.

Here is Johnson’s situation.

Here in Canada we are pretty confident with the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Foreign Affairs minister Catherine Freeland is very tough so there is going to be no fooling around with Uhuru.

We also have one of the more powerful ministers in that government (Citizenship and Immigration) a very smart guy who came to Canada as a refugee kid from Somalia and is very close to the African Communities in Canada particularly in Toronto where he grew up.

So we have to do the same thing we did with Moi when gave his High Commissioner, Mr. Nyamweya such a hard time Moi had to recall him from Canada demanding that the Candian government should not entertain Kenyans going to the Embassy to cause trouble.

The one good thing in Canada is that we don’t have that tribalism they have in the UK and US among Kenyans who seem to behave like they carried their tribes with them.

Raila fortunately has had a very good rapport with the Kenyan community in Toronto. He has addressed many gatherings here. Last time 2007 it was Miguna who was doing a lot of the organizing here. Oloo has also been involved before but we have several Kenyan groups here.

I personally worked very closely with Miguna although we had our differences later on. But the big fella is back with the team. We will see. Bu the battles Uhuru is going to face is going to be multifaceted. That is how Moi was brought down.

I know Uhuru thinks the Chinese will help him. Ask Mugabe. Kama Mbaya ni Mbaya.

In conclusion for now the one thing I can say we don’t want to hear about is some form of a crappy coalition government. We want clean, free and fair elections for the country and if we end up electing a goat as long as it is free we are fine. We will keep our goat.

So it is not about Uhuru. We demand free elections and if that election gives us Uhuru fare enough. This is not complicated.


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