Terrible Day For Trump’s USA

President Trump was supposed to be working on the big bold USA foreign policy and possible military response to the tragedy in Syria with the Douma chemical gas attacks.

The whole world was waiting to hear from the leader of the so-called free world.

And then Bob Mueller struck.


Oh dear.

Poor John Bolton sitting next to Trump looks more worried than his mustache. He is Trump’s new Security Adviser.

He has no clue what Trump’s security priorities. Trump is saying the FBI “has attacked the country”

The Generals sitting  with Trump are equally bewildered. State of The Union. Not good. Or is it?

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Pick Up The Pieces

I thought we could pick some pieces up with this. My gig here is Pick Up The Pieces by Spear.

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Statemanship or Sinking the Ship

Events in the past 24 hours have left both the members of the resistance movement and the supporters of the ruling kleptocracy dumbfounded. It is an understatement to state that they are both reeling in shock.

This post simply publishes the joint public statement from the two leaders without further attempt to analyse, Analysis will be carried out in subsequent comments


Is this reconciliation, is it boarding a sinking perhaps stinking ship or is this an unprecedented act of statemanship?

We shall interrogate this in detail and come back with solid inferences but in the meantime enjoy



First is the joint statement


Building bridges to a new Kenyan nation


In the fifty-five years since independence, Kenya has constantly sought to live up to its promise and the dreams its founding mothers and fathers had for us. We have strived to build a great nation that is responsive to the urgent need for prosperity, fairness and dignity for all Kenyans. We have achieved a lot but also fallen short of our goals. Our people are crying out for leadership that shows the path to dignity, prosperity and security.

There are changes that are required in our system of governance for us to succeed, and we have been in a process of reform to  deal  with  them for the last 20 years. Yet despite all the reforms, we continue to have deep and bitter disagreements. Ethnic antagonism and divisive political competition have become a way of life.

2 Where we came from

Just a little over a century ago, the country that would become independent Kenya was made up of different nations and peoples, organised along different linguistic and ethnic lines, and that traded and had rich relationships with each other.  Unfortunately, they were colonised and brought under the yoke of a foreign power.  Their subsequent agitation for freedom came through a nationalist anti-colonial struggle. They became Kenya. A country of diverse peoples committed to rising to greatness together.

We are grateful for our fathers, we stand on their shoulders. Yet we can also see that the promise of our nation has not been met as fully as it should have been; we know there are different measures our founding fathers should have taken as they forged this young nation.

Over the last fifty-five years, since independence, the people, and their leaders, have sometimes taken sharply differing positions regarding the best road to travel towards this commonly agreed destination.  This has led to the lack of a collective approach in the management of public affairs, and has fostered feelings of exclusion, and, ultimately, animosity.

Kenya has come full circle and appears to be re-living the same divisive experiences the country underwent after 1963.  In  this  respect,  the political leadership in Kenya today is thrust into the same dangerous political dynamics that have played out over the years, and that if not altered will result in the same kinds of calamities we have experienced in the past.

3 Where we are going

We must courageously face our challenges, and openly and honestly discuss our successes and failures if we are to formulate and implement the necessary corrective measures.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga are the two leaders who symbolise the many ways in which the country has gone full circle in its divisions. They were witness to the unity and hope that was followed by discord and division.

Intent on not witnessing the country suffer similar future  cycles  of  the same tribulations it has since 1963, they are determined to offer the leadership that prevents future generations inheriting dangerous division and offers them a path to a bright future for  all.  Both H.E.  President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga have agreed to launch this initiative that aims to create a united nation for all Kenyans living today, and all future generations

4 The issues

  • Ethnic antagonism and competition

Kenya is witnessing a continued deterioration of relationships between ethnic communities and political formations. These relationships are too often characterised by aggressive antagonism and competition. A strong nation cannot develop in this way. H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and

H.E. Raila Odinga are standing together to urge every Kenyan, every political leader and formation to compete without using ethnic profiling or by promoting disdain for any group.

The two leaders respect one another. They have been competitors and even used hard language at times, but they have always been friends and respected one another. They respect each other as individuals and as leaders. They respect each other’s communities. They respect Kenyans, and they respect our nation. Every single Kenyan knows and needs respect. Respect should not mean that we tolerate what is wrong. However, the two leaders want to say to all Kenyans: the sins of individuals should not be visited on groups. We must reject and censure anyone who conducts themselves in a negative and hateful way.

  • Lack of a national ethos

Kenya is today increasingly being defined internationally by its negative politics and the challenges that they create. Corruption and violence are the main characteristics by which Kenyans are defined by the international community. Despite the many positive attributes of our country, we are yet to define and promote its national ethos. Nationhood and patriotism requires that people feel they enjoy a commonality beyond the sharing of residency in a country, and that they feel they have common characteristics, beliefs and aspirations.

  • Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of the greatest challenges Kenyans face. We as Kenyans have failed to appreciate our God-given differences in how we think, the languages we speak, the regions we come from, and the way we worship. We have failed to appreciate that we are as the fingers of the hand: weak alone, and as strong as a fist when folded together. Our political system has been unable to respond to feelings of alienation in sections of our people. Many feel alienated from the mainstream national development initiatives and political activity. Such real and imagined exclusion is anathema to effective nation-building.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga commit themselves to make the strongest efforts to find the right skills and attitudes from as many backgrounds and identities as possible.

They both commit to fight hard for inclusivity and to make sure, in an accountable and impactful way, that public institutions work to deliver to all Kenyans at the national and county level. And, crucially, by will work together to guarantee that all Kenyans are served equally by public institutions, no matter who leads them.

  • Devolution

Devolution has so far been the most successful story in the recent process of building a strong nation. Yet a lot remains to be done in enhancing its political viability and economic sustainability.

Politically, devolution has led to exclusivity in counties where some local communities have found themselves isolated and excluded by the more populous ones creating marginalisation.

Economically, the viability of counties is a matter of concern. It is imperative that the recent efforts by count ies to coordinate their development plans in clusters defined by geography and economic sectors should be strongly encouraged both politically and practically.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will work together to bring counties together regardless of the political affiliation of their Governors, Senators and MCAs. They will make sure that counties are delivering to the people. They will work together to hold all county governments accountable to the people.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will continually promote a common approach that helps citizens understand the role of devolution in creating the Kenyan nation and its significance to their development.

  • Divisive elections

Elections in Kenya have now become a threat to lives, our economy and our standing as a nation. Every four years, the country almost comes to standstill as elections are prepared for. Investment and economic activity slow, losing Kenyans precious jobs and livelihoods, while political competition often escalates beyond vibrant  debate  into  ethnic polarisation. Personal security becomes uncertain, and often there is violence.

Kenyans need to overcome this negative cycle by acting on the understanding that elections on their own are not the solution to our national challenges. By faithfully adhering to the Constitution  and  the law, halting ethnic antagonism and profiling, by promoting inclusivity, by strengthening devolution, by fighting corruption, and caring about safety and security, we will have elections that are not marred by mistrust and conflict.

We have been in institutional reform mode for many years now, and for sure that there will be more to come in the future. But today, it is time to acknowledge the other critical items we have not put enough work into. We must seek to shift our terms of engagement as leaders, as individuals and as citizens, if we are to have competitive and constructive elections. That should be our first priority.

  • Safety and Security

Too many Kenyans lives are afflicted by natural and man-made disasters. Today, there is a long drought that has settled over the country, risking the lives of many Kenyans and their livelihoods. H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will come together to aid Kenyans at this time of great need. They are asking all leaders, no matter at what level, in every part of the country, to stand up and  demonstrate  their leadership by making a practical effort to ensure that those who are hungry or in distress are aided. The two leaders will work together to to ensure that all warring communities in Kenya reject violence as a way of settling inter-communal conflict or advancing any political, ethnic or religious cause. They urge every leader to join us in this critical work.

For those who launch terrorist attacks on our people, H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will work with Kenyans to unite them to stand against terrorists as a united people.

  • Corruption

Corruption is an existential threat to our Kenya. It is destroying lives, public trust and prosperity. It is being passed to the young generation, making a mockery of their hopes and their need to forge an honest and proud living. It is undermining our public and private institutions, and will destroy them and our aspirations as a nation.

The fight against corruption has to be carried out from a wide and common front to eliminate any sanctuary for perpetrators. H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will strongly support efforts to support whistleblowing from all Kenyans, and they urge all of you to loudly report the corruption you witness no matter where it is. Our fighting and reporting corruption should itself not be corrupt, it must not be a witch hunt but instead should reflect integrity. H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will stand together to ensure that political affiliation shall not be used to shield those who are found to be corrupt.

  • Shared prosperity

In parts of the country, there are many who are doing well, and Kenya continues to be a leading destination for investment into the region.  Yet too many Kenyans lack decent income, and our investment lags behind those parts of the world that have developed broadly shared prosperity in the last few decades. We have to do much better.  There are blockages, and perverse incentives against innovation, growth and job creation in our economic system. The two leaders will work together to clear them from every part of the country so that prosperity comes to us all.

Every level of government should be pressed to properly integrate and regulate value and supply chains if every Kenyan, in every part of the country, is going to be lifted out of poverty.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga will stand together to ensure that the shared prosperity  agenda  is never  forgotten  and that  it is mainstreamed as a priority objective in our development.

  • Responsibilities and rights

Kenyans must have their human and civil rights respected and enforced. There is no Kenyan whose rights should be compromised no matter the interests against them. Kenyans have struggled hard for these rights and they are not for anybody to take for granted. At the same time, to attain and protect our rights, we must embrace our responsibilities.  The two can never be separated if we are to have either.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga standing here before the country today reflects their responsibility as leader s,  as parents, and as friends. They urge every leader, and every Kenyan, to embrace the responsibilities you know are yours.

5 How it will work

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga have agreed to roll out a programme that will implement their shared objectives. The programme shall establish an office and retain a retinue of advisors to assist in this implementation. They have mandated both Ambassador Martin Kimani and Mr. Paul Mwangi to oversee the establishment of this programme. An official launch shall be held soon.

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E. Raila Odinga are proud to be Kenyans, to stand here together as friends and compatriots in the great work of building a strong and united Kenya.


H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta, CGH       H.E. Raila Odinga, EGH



Then we have Raila’s Statement

Fellow Kenyans,

In the life of any nation, a time comes when the people and their leaders must audit the progress made towards the attainment of the goals and prayers laid out at the founding of the nation.

Abraham Lincoln said… “If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.”

When such times come, the leaders entrusted to secure the goals; in our case; justice, unity, peace, liberty and prosperity for all; have a duty to reflect on their performance in the search for these hallowed goals.


Such a time has come for Kenya.

Fifty four years into independence, we are challenged to audit our progress towards the ideals for which our fathers fought to establish a free and independent country and for which many of our compatriots died.

We, the leaders are equally summoned to reflect on our performance towards the achievement of our nation’s aspirations.

This audit and introspection has been a long coming.

Throughout our independence history, we have had doubts on how we have conducted our affairs in the face of growing divide along ethnic, religious and political lines. Regrettably, we have responded to our challenges by mostly running away from them.

We have moved from year to year, election to election, never pausing to deal with the challenges that our diversity was always going to pose to our efforts to create a prosperous and united nation. Consequently, the ties that bind us are today under the severest stress.

Our diversity appears destined to be a curse to ourselves today and to our children tomorrow.


In the past, we have given a lot of attention to institutional reforms in the hope that these could lift us to the next level of nationhood and make us a blessed land.

Seven and a half years ago, we gave to ourselves a new Constitution. We put our faith in it as the instrument to revolutionize our nation. In this and many other ways, we created some of the best hardware any country has ever possessed to engineer their affairs.

We must be courageous enough to admit that it has not worked. It has failed because we are yet to upgrade our software. We have been pouring new wine into old wine skins. The Gospel tells us that new wine needs new wine skins.

The time has come for us to confront and resolve our differences. These differences are becoming too entrenched.

No two Kenyans agree on the origins of the differences and what they portend.

Millions of our children continue to be born and married into these differences. People are dying out of these differences.


Many of these differences are already well entrenched in the third generation of Kenyans and are currently leaking into the fourth generation in primary and secondary schools.

Yet in many instances, Kenyans cannot remember why and where they disagreed in the first place.

As we fight ostensibly to save ourselves from each other, the reality is, we need to save our children from ourselves.

My brother and I have therefore come together today to say this descent stops here.

We refuse to allow our diversity to kill our nation. We refuse to be the leaders under whose watch Kenya slid into a failed nation.

This is a call to self-reflection. We have to look into ourselves and challenge our readiness to make the changes that will allow our institutional reforms to work.

So long as we remain divided, acrimonious, selfish and corrupt, no amount of institutional reform will better our lives.

The reform process will become an exercise in diverting attention from our own failings and taking refuge in blame game.

We therefore seek your partnership in this initiative fellow Kenyans. We are all sailing in this one ship. We must come together to scoop out the water that has been sipping in or we shall capsize.

We have travelled too far to turn back.

We would never make it back to the shore.

Yet, we can’t make it to our destination either.  Our only option is to come together and scoop out these waters of animosity that we have been pouring into the boat before we all sink.

Once again, as Lincoln said… “The result is not doubtful. We shall not fail — if we stand firm, we shall not fail.

God Bless Kenya.


Thank you.

Raila Odinga; EGH


And then Uhuru’s statement


Good Afternoon everybody,

First and foremost, I have taken great pleasure this morning in welcoming my brother Raila to Harambee House where – as he has clearly indicated – we have had an opportunity for an extensive discussion on matters Kenya and We have come to a common understanding, an understanding that this country of Kenya is greater than any one individual.

And for this country to come together, leaders must come together. Leaders must be able to discuss their differences, leaders must be able to discuss freely and openly what ails our country, what is the reason and the cause for the ethnic divisions and frictions that we see across the country that sometimes lead to inter-communal conflicts. As we have seen in various parts of our country, as we have seen up in Wajir, as we have seen on the borders of West Pokot and Marakwet and many other places.

So we have a responsibility as leaders to be able to come together to discuss these issues and to find solutions. Solutions that will bind our people together; that will unify our country, and that will give us a life cycle that is beyond the five years that we have established for ourselves.

Elections come and go but Kenya remains; so as we plan ourselves for the future, our future cannot be dictated by the forthcoming elections. Our future must be dictated by the prosperity, stability of our nation and the well-being of our people.

Democracy is not, as has often been said, an end in itself. It is just a process by which the will of the people is heard. But the national good, the national interest must always prevail over those elections.
And this is why me and my brother (Raila) have agreed that starting today, we will begin a process of bringing our people together. That, we will begin a process of discussing what ails us and what creates divisions amongst us. And we look forward to the support of every single leader. We look forward to the support every single Kenyan so that we can build together a united, harmonious, stable nation where no individual feels left out or left behind.

So to me, this marks a new beginning for our country, a beginning in which we hope that we shall march together as Kenyans and that we can differ in terms of political alignments but always remain steadfast and united in matters Kenya.

With those few and brief remarks, a more detailed statement will be given to all of you to be able to read and to understand what formulates this new beginning that we seeks to start. We thank you for finding time to join us and as my brother (Raila) has said, we look forward to you to be our partners to create this new Kenya.

Thank You and God bless you.






There is state robbery and then there is this. Frightening.

I always expect mass robbery of Kenyan tax money from Uhuru and Ruto but this is beyond any imagination.


I don’t know what NASA folks are doing at the moment. They seem pretty confused and of course the inevitable internal power fights are there but an issue like this needs to draw some focus on the things that matter to Kenyans.

You don’t just issue statements when stuff like this comes out from a credible source like the Auditor General. We need to look into legal and political strategies to address this brazen theft by Uhuru. People think these guys are robbing the country to campaign for elections. They don’t need money to grab power. They have the right puppets in the right places and then the police does the rest.

These guys are building economic empowers intended to last for centuries. NASA got to figure this out soon.

For example, is NASA in parliament? If they are they have to figure out how to confront this matter there even as we know the Jubilee theft homeguards in parliament will do their job. There was a time someone like Martin Shikuku had to fight alone in parliament. He did a lot of work. Anyona, Orengo, Mwachofi, Koigi and a few others had to do the same against Moi.

Today we are a much better shape to fight this massive theft. You have literally hundreds of opposition elected officials at every level. You have a fairly reasonable judiciary. You have a very angry population completely fed up with what they are seeing. If you can’t work with that to move the country forward you need to quit politics. And for the love of god we have a system where the Auditor General can produce this kind of a report you need to get your act together.

This is the kind of data we need to present to the lenders, IMF, foreign legions who want Kenya to support this monstrous regime and ask them what is in here for Kenyans to support?

We could even set out our own Economic Theft Inquiry Commission and appoint credible investigators from both legal and economic backgrounds to go through the data and firmly point fingers. The data is there. The information is there. Put it together and let the people decide for themselves. This is the work that NASA and Raila signed for when they formed the Peoples Assembly. They have to do the work now and not just talk and talk.

In my view the next Madaraka Day or even better Labour Day, NASA should organize a national day of protest against mass theft by Uhuru and Ruto. These are real things that will bring Kenyans together. They need to be pursued.

I think after the lull following the historic swearing in event it is time to go to work now. And there is plenty of work to be done.

I also suspect that Auditor General is going to disappear from that job or from the face of the earth. What a great patriot. Now it is our turn. I am going to be pretty harsh with my NASA friends. They are sleeping too much. Waky Waky!!!!!

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Black Panther Movie Premieres Kisumu City

This is a marvelous job by the producers taking this movie’s premiere in Africa in Kenya’s Kisumu city.

Someone called me about this yesterday and I was asking if this is a big deal. She said it is great for movie lovers and for the city of Kisumu. It puts the city in the international eyeball.

She told me the Black Panther movie has grossed the highest ticket booking pre-launch pretty much in the world. I will have to check that out. She also said this is how small cities like Kisumu get international attention because for beginners when movies like this are launched you have prime level media coverage in the entertainment world.

Here we go.

Lupita Nyong’o honoured in absence as Marvel’s Black Panther makes its African premiere in Kenya

And it looks like the Kisumu folks liked what they saw.


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Kidnapping And Forceful Expulsion of Miguna from Kenya

Kenyan Lawyer, a political leader and human rights activist Miguna Miguna has been in the news for everything that makes our country a terrifying place for all its citizens.

On February 6, 2018 after showing full contempt for Court Orders regarding Miguna for five days the increasingly autocratic Uhuru regime forcefully expelled him from his country of birth.

Here are the words of Fred Matiang’i the Interior Cabinet Secretary.

“Miguna Miguna who is not a citizen of Kenya whose presence in Kenya is contrary to national interest be removed from Kenya to his country of origin Canada”

The government of Kenya called this illegal forceful expulsion an act of deportation to “his country of origin”. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so sick and sad.

I know Uhuru is going crazy at State House and Matiang’i cannot believe the courage and steadfast character of Miguna but how do you deport somebody from his country of birth to another country.

I have never heard of anything like that in my long life.

We have seen all sorts of cleansing of populations and all sorts of injustices but in the scale of sheer madness where on earth do you place the concept of a person being cleansed from their own country.

Miguna was born in Kenya in 1963 in Kisumu. Both his parents are Kenyan citizens. Miguna is simply a Kenyan citizen by birth. No ifs and no buts.

Under Article 16 of the Kenyan constitution a Kenyan by birth even if a dual citizen can never lose their citizenship.

Only foreigners who acquire Kenyan citizenship by registration may lose their citizenship and even then the constitution has very clear guidelines as to the conditions under which that may happen including being convicted for serious criminal offenses and sentenced to certain jail terms.

Uhuru knows the law, Matiang’i knows the law but in this case the laws be damned as the autocrats make their own laws and bumble from chaos to chaos.

The right to citizenship is one of the basic commandments of human existence and co-existence. If you don’t have a country you pretty much have nothing. I know what it means to be stateless.

Now to take Miguna’s  country away from him and bundle him into a plane with two commando officers to take him to  Canada you are trying to rob him of everything. Country and dignity. It will not happen.

Everybody who has not been under a rock somewhere knows exactly why Miguna was arrested on February 1, 2018. It had nothing to do with his citizenship.

As the government struggled to find something or anything to charge Miguna with they kept manufacturing one lie after the other and keeping Miguna detained incommunicado which is illegal under Kenyan laws.

As Court Orders piled up demanding Miguna’s release Uhuru and his posse run out of excuses and now Judge Luka Kimaru gave a final Court Order that Miguna be produced in his court at 11.a.m February 7, 2018.

The shit hit the fan. What to do now. Then someone hit the jackpot. Let’s “deport” (expel) this guy to Canada and manufacture more lies and excuses and just muddle through hoping we get over this. Brilliant?

May be not because now Uhuru and his posse have a real nightmare in front of them. I will come to that shortly.

Now they have come up with a new claim that Miguna obtained a Kenyan passport unlawfully in 2009 because he did not declare that he was a Canadian citizen at that time. They forgot one thing. The passport does not bestow citizenship on any Kenyan born in the country.

If you have a problem with the passport you can deal with it but you cannot take away anybody’s citizenship because you have problems with their passport. This is manufactured lies.

Millions of Kenyans do not have passports. Should they be deported somewhere.
But first let’s look at the circumstances that has brought us to this sad set of events.

First the violent invasion of Miguna’s home yielded zero in terms of anything to charge Miguna with.

Now Uhuru is stuck with Miguna whose house he has destroyed and also seized his property. So the lies and invention of charges department gets to work. Nothing doing because the judges are not buying their crap.

Second the prospect of releasing Miguna as ordered by courts looks like a complete defeat of Uhuru by the defiant Miguna and NASA.

Despots can never even contemplate something like that happening. So look, look and cook something Uhuru demands from his little cranky puppets.

Last the idea of Miguna going back to his destroyed house and bringing the entire terrorist activities of Uhuru against him to light was just unthinkable.

The glaring impotence of the Uhuru despotic behaviour is they had Miguna in police cells at the court for aiding and abetting treason and the person who allegedly committed this act of treason, Raila Amolo Odinga is sitting freely in the same court.

If you want to be a dictator at least you need to know what you are doing or you just look like a foolish criminal. That is bad and that is what we have in Kenya today.

So there now we have the expulsion and it brings a ton of problems for Uhuru as follows.

1. Kidnapping and expelling a Kenyan citizen after destroying and seizing his property is an international criminal offense which Miguna can sue the Uhuru government for from wherever he is and the rest of Kenyans will be fighting it on the ground in Kenya. How does this help the dictatorship? It doesn’t.

2. There is an outstanding Court Order to release Miguna to the court and as we speak Miguna’s lawyers are still in court going on with the matter. Where that ends we don’t know yet but how does this help Uhuru.

3. The expulsion of Miguna opens a new set of frontiers on the battle to remove the dictators trying to destroy our country. In any battle when your enemies are in front you don’t give them a chance to open another frontier of battle behind you unless you are suicidal.

Now Uhuru has given us a new frontier.

The international frontier which Uhuru with his criminal activities against Kenyan patriots and democrats has opened will have very many streams.

The first is to involve the Canadian government starting with the Canada’s Minister for Immigration and Citizenship to condemn and seek redress for the criminal activities against a Kenyan with a dual citizenship of Canada.

Miguna’s home has been vandalized and his property seized. That has to be addressed upfront.

The Kenyan government has been trying to claim that Canada was complicit in the kidnapping and expulsion of Miguna. That is a lie that will be debunked publicly.

Canada can never ask another country to forcefully expel their own citizen with the help of Canada. That would make Canada part of the crime and it is manufactured nonsense by Uhuru.

The other frontier in Canada is to fight to get the Kenyan envoy expelled from this country. We have done that before when Kenyan human rights fighters forced Moi to recall then Kenyan ambassador to Canada Mr. Nyamweya.

We were demonstrating to protest human rights in Kenya and the Kenyan Embassy and Moi went nuts.

We are heading to that Embassy again within weeks and this time the issues are even more deadly because we are dealing with international crimes being committed by Uhuru.

These demos are going to spread across Europe and North America. Uhuru should ask Moi how deadly that is.

We are going to ask the Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau to take a firm stand against the terrorism of Uhuru’s government against Kenyan citizens.

We will strive to extend that battle to other countries. Miguna was involved in that battle for decades and he knows the network very well.

4.The crimes against Miguna has to be taken to International Justice Sytems through the UN and other bodies including Amnesty International which is very active here in Toronto. We need to take the issue of kidnapping and expulsion to the UNHRC and deal with is there.

We also need to look into how to involve the International Criminal Court (ICC). Remember them. First the expulsion issue itself is a crime against humanity. More deadly for Uhuru and his thugs is the fact that they have killed more than 300 people including children and toddlers. We have nursery school kids and little babies being gassed by teargas while sleeping in their own kindergarten. This happened a number of times.

Those are vicious crimes against humanity specifically because the Kenyan government has not attempted to bring to justice any of the state agents who committed these crimes.

In fact Uhuru offered his sound praise for State security agents as heroes for their actions during and after the elections.

In other words murdering Kenyans and their kids was a job well done. Uhuru must take full criminal responsibility for the mass killings which are still going on with a 14 year old killed in Kibera just a few days ago.

Let’s see what the ICC thinks about that and there is nobody better suited to take that battle to the ICC than Miguna Miguna. Very soon Uhuru will hoping he can deport Miguna back to Kenya.

My message to Uhuru is be very careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

In the meantime this is our next generation of very creative and brave national leaders. I really like this group and it seems NRM is shaping its agenda carefully. A lot of work to be done.


Adongo Ogony is a human rights activist who lives and works in Toronto.

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