CORD need to bring a simple message, What if to voters

In less than two weeks to the historical election of March 4,2013, The Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) need to harness its message to the simplest form. Something which every farmer, consumer and the so-called Kenya’s working middle class   can relate to. Instead of talking about status quo and reforms, a thing which every Kenyan by now know is Raila Odingas forte, Cord must begin to excite, perturb and poke at the conscience of every voter with a simple question; what if?

What if by some foolish way, Uhuru Kenyatta wins the election, and refuse to attend his criminal case as an inductee at The Hague? Have farmers considered the possibilities that

their very own produce will not find any market to sell to, outside this country when sanctions are imposed on Kenya? Tea, coffee, pyrethrum, flower, wheat, sugar, Miraa, and everything

that get exported to earn Kenya the much needed foreign currency will be extinct, Chinese have not yet learnt how to enjoy bilateral trade relationships with any country. Farmers in Central

Province, Rift valley, Mt.Kenya region, will be the hardest hit the most for their very livelihoods depend on these markets. What about workers who are employed in the Tourism Industry, in hotels, travel agency, cottages, lodges, bars? Transportation industry

Na zingine kadhalika.

I have not even mentioned the blue-collar jobs that would be lost when the multinational companies decide to shut down various stations of their respective branches and relocate to some neighboring countries. The millions of jobs that would be lost and the multiplier effect it would have are simply devastating to families who rely on these earnings to make ends meet. In other word Kenya would come to a screech without a doubt. Are Kikuyus prepared to take these risks in the name of having one of their own become president? CORD should go to Central Kenya and ask the residents there these direct questions and let them live with the consequences of their actions. Raila should do the same in Rift Valley and let Kalenjin farmers understand what awaits their produce and life incase they chose to exalt and swallow every lie that has come out from the mouths of these “kusema na kutenda” conjoined twins of impunity.

Beside Land issues, this should be the message at every stop from here on until Election Day. Let every Kenyan interrogate their own conscience with the choices they are about to make on the 4th of March 2013.