Is there An Imminent Al-Shabaab Terror Threat in Nairobi?

The Muslim Youth Centre Twitter Feed:

The Muslim Youth Center based in the Majengo (Eastlands) area of Nairobi, which is a confirmed Al-Shabaab affiliate in Kenya, and a self-declared “part of al Qaeda East Africa” has this afternoon been issuing a series of tweets that are suggestive of an imminent terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

Apart from veiled threats on its twitter feed promising that the late Sheikh Aboud Rogo shall soon be smiling from “jannah” and that the recently thwarted terrorist plans in Eastleigh were a lucky break for “kuffars”.

This past week, while arresting two suspects in a one-roomed house along 4th Avenue in Nairobi’s populous Eastleigh Estate, the Kenya Police recovered six suicide bombs, twelve hand grenades, four AK47 rifles, four suicide bomb vests – with remote-enabled switches, six bullet proof jackets, up to 40kg of explosive material and 484 rounds of ammunition. A massive manhunt has been launched by the authorities in Kenya for the masterminds, a manhunt which the MYC makes a mockery of in one tweet this afternoon when it says: “manhunt? they are around and smiling and saying “lucky kuffars”….be safe my bros from mtaani….”

Through the same twitter handle, the MYC is promising to fight back “mtaani style” in order to avenge the death of Sh. Aboud Rogo who was shot dead a few weeks ago in broad daylight along the Mombasa-Malindi highway in front of his family members.

God forbid the suicide bombing mission was thwarted last week because the discovery of bombs so near to the bustling open air Gikomba market that was busted by Kenya Police would mean high casualty numbers, destruction of property as well as an expensive interruption of hundred of thousands of micro business activity in the vicinity. The abortive terrorist attack would have compounded the crisis the Kenyan Government finds itself in following biting national strikes by teachers, lecturers and doctors.

It is obvious these MYC fellows mean business and anxious Kenyans must certainly now call into question the capacity of NSIS and Cyber Crime Unit at CID to apprehend the individual(s) behind this twitter handle. The fact that normal Kenyan youth are willing to be suicide bombers underlines the seriousness of the matter.

The tone of the tweets also suggests that the group will attack at any time and will be hitting a priced target. The NSIS should following this handle should have by now been able to establish the origin of the tweets.

For now, Kenyans are advised to remain vigilant and avoid crowded places.