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DeepCogitation desires that members be above the usual gossip minded and look towards observing, exposing and discussing with view to providing real, pragmatic solutions to everyday issues. It is not enough to just expose and criticise but we need discuss practical real-time resolutions complete with blueprints on how these can be achieved alongside challenges posed.

Our guiding philosophy is that we know that it takes months, sometimes years and teams of skilled engineers, architects, draughtsmen, construction workers etc, to put up a magnificent skyscraping structure in a business district. But it only requires one glue sniffing idiot with a bomb or a guy in a bulldozer, to bring it all crashing down, and in minutes. But even more unfortunate are the raving lunatics that will attempt to demonstrate that the bomb dropping nitwit matches the genius and brilliance of those that sacrificed so much to put up such a structure.

It is our view that the genius in us is NOT the destruction minded idiot, but those who dare dream and have vision for a better tomorrow. Such are the members we encourage and welcome to this board. We will not be impressed by how quickly you crush others, but in the logic and argument, and most importantly, in the solution or counter proposal you will offer in place of.

With this in mind kindly follow instructions on this page on how to be an effective member on the forum DeepCogitation.


DeepCogitation offers three levels of membership as follows.

1. Guest – DCGuest

This type of member is any visitor to the forum. A guest remains anonymous and invisible to the forum and only contributes to blog visit statistics. A guest can read all published content and navigate through all listed pages. This type of member does not need to do anything further other than browse through the materials. You can additionally subscribe to the RSS feeds for regular updates

2. Ordinary Member – DCOM

An ordinary member extends the Guest status by registering a handle or nickname in order to make comments on any page or post where comments are enabled. There are several ways to register a handle. The quickest way is to navigate to a page or post and make a comment in the box “Have Your Say”. You will need to provide your nickname or handle, and a valid email address. If you have not been approved previously, your comment will be held briefly until approved by a moderator.

NOTE: All contributing members of DeepCogitation even those who will become Contributors or Moderators must first perform this basic step

Optionally you may register using your WordPress userID if you have one, or a facebook or twitter account.

3. Contributors – DCC

Also known as Authors, these are members who not only comment on posts and pages, but will be able to create new content and posts, use the extended features of WordPress to comment and post even directly from their personal email accounts or other blog tools such as livewriter, etc thus provide rich and informative content published in professional formats.

Contributors must first register as Ordinary member and then make a note to or alert the Blog Administrator of their intention to be Contributors. Contributors are strictly by invitation from the Blog Admin or moderators

Note to be a contributor you must register or have a WordPress userID. You can register a wordpress ID directly or optionally use a facebook or twitter account.

The procedure below (special thanks and appreciation to Einstein who generously provided and eloquently articulated the step by step process) will guide you through the process of becoming a DeepCogitation Contributor

At this juncture we also want to register our appreciation and a shout out to Reporter911 who generously contributed to the design and build of the interface and Omwenga for the tag lines and rules.

Step by Step Procedure to become a DeepCogitation Contributor

Despite the instructions it will take you less then 5 minutes to carry out

If you already have a wordpress ID and will be using this ID on this forum, skip to the section “Use Your WordPress ID” below otherwise sign up for a new wordpress ID

Sign Up for New WordPress ID

  • Go to any Page or Post on this website (DeepCogitation) and scroll to the bottom of the page. If comments are enabled, you will find at the bottom left hand corner a  hyperlink titled “Blog at”.
  • Click on the link and it will take you to the site at
  • Scroll down on that page about three-quarter way, and you will see right in the middle, the question : ‘Sound good? SIGN UP FREE’.
  • Click on ‘SIGN UP FREE’.

This takes you to the page titled ‘Get your own account in seconds’.

Below the title, you will see a box prompting for your blog address.


Instead, next to that box on your right hand side, there is a statement with the prompt : ‘If you don’t want a blog you can signup for just a username’

The last part of that statement “sign up for just a username”  is hyperlinked and you can

  • click on the link which brings you to a sign up page
  • Enter your user name as you wish to have it, Password, Confirm Password and lastly fill in your email address and triple-check that you have typed it correctly. (see note below if your favorite or prefered handle is not available)
  • Finally click on ‘Sign up’  at the bottom of the page.

If your email address was correct, you should within moments, receive an email from confirming registration and a request to activate your account.

Use Your WordPress ID

After you have successfully activated your account, you will get another email from confirming the activation.

  • Go to and click on any page that has comments enabled (scroll to find the prompt “Have Your Say”) .
  • Make any comment in that box and also provide your username and email address as prompted on that page. Any comment that includes a request to be a contributor will be acted on

The blog admin will approve your comment for publication and act on the request to become a contributor. (Note : Blog Admin reserves the right to approve or deny or cancel or re-instate the right to contribute for any member)

You will need to accept the invite for the process to complete.

Thats it.


If Your Handle is Unavailable

What to do if your favorite/preferred handle is unavailable or already taken?

If the username you intend to use is already registered by someone else at, here’s what you can do

  • Sign up for a new wordpress ID. Use any name that you can remember or your prefered ID with extra characters e.g NewEinstein and password

After you are done with the registration, activation and are confirmed as listed above

  • Open/Log in to your new account
  • Select your account name which should take you into Settings

In settings select “Public Profile”

Under “Public Display Name”, type in your preferred handle e.g Einstein

This makes sure all your contributions on DeepCogitation (and other wordpress blogs) are linked to your handle


We are aware that you are all busy in your other endeavor and therefore appreciate your taking the time to read this and taking steps to becoming a member of this blog. We believe membership on this forum will be a rich and rewarding experience as we will make the time to provide members with information and news in ways that have not even been thought about.

Welcome to you all

Blog Admin


How to comment, post and also known issues and workarounds

Posts and Pages

– most pages are open to discussions and have a comment slot at the bottom of the page.

– you may also respond to a specific comment by hitting the reply to comment

– some pages are reserved for private discussion and you will be prompted for a password before you can view or participate.  private pages are setup by authorized staff on request by select group of members to facilitate a private (by invitation only) discussion page. such pages may contain but not limited to, sensitive topics, or topics that a group of members may want to brainstorm strategy etc. if you are a registered member and have a topic that you’d like discussed by select members, put in your request to the admin and we will get back to you.

– when making posts, you will be provided with a full set of formatting features, but you can also use preferred blog writing tools such as livewriter etc

– all authors (DCC)  have full access to the forum statistics


– post your comments in the box “have your say”. if you do not see this box, then comments are disabled for that post or page

spell check is not available. use either a prefered text editor with all the features and then cut and paste into the comment when done. also consider commenting via email. most browsers have an inbuilt spell checker, if activated, right clicking on a word will launch the browser spell check

after you post a comment you will not be able to edit it. therefore before post your comment make sure to check for spelling, grammar, content and everything else

Allowed html

– if you are familiar with html you can use a few allowed html tags to format your comment or post. the allowed html tags are

address, a, abbr, acronym, area, article, aside, b, big, blockquote, br, caption, cite, class, code, col, del, details, dd, div, dl, dt, em, figure, figcaption, footer, font, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, hgroup, hr, i, img, ins, kbd, li, map, ol, p, pre, q, s, section, small, span, strike, strong, sub, summary, sup, table, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, u, ul, var


– there is no toolbar for emoticons but a these can be entered directly from the keyboard using the text based equivalent. follow this link for the list of emoticons . Note: not all will translate to their graphic equivalent also visit this link for the ones that work on wordpress


We are constantly working round the clock to improve the blog with new features and or interesting articles. This will iron out most areas including some mentioned on this page and in due course all members will have memorable experiences when stopping by the forum.

DeepCogitation is the result of a collaborative effort of a handful of members that, out of a disappointing state of affairs elsewhere, saw an opportunity to break out and reach out for better alternatives. We welcome positive ideas to make the forum even better

Thank You for your time

5 comments on “Members

  1. After trying for a while to get registered on Jukwaa, which i still like and respect, i believe it’s time that i moved on and joined this blog. It’s my belief that we will do more to unite Kenyan’s and stay away from commission or omission of acts which will disintegrate Kenya’s further. I can’t wait for my registration to go through.


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